Chapter Review

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  1. Two computers running the MS-DOS operating system can be connected and information can be shared. (Yes or No).
  2. Connecting two computers with a communications cable is called _____________ - ____________ ____________________.
  3. Sharing on a peer-to-peer network takes place at the _____________ level.
  4. The first person to log on to a Windows NT network uses the ______________________ account.
  5. The user account contains information that defines a user to the network's ___________________ system.
  6. Most network account-management utilities offer an account _____________ feature with which an administrator can create a template user with certain characteristics and parameters that are common among multiple users.
  7. A Windows NT administrator can use a _____________ to configure and maintain a user's logon environment.
  8. Two key pieces of information that should be entered when creating a user account are account name and ___________________.
  9. The ____________ account is for people who do not have a valid user account but need temporary access to the network.
  10. An administrator can create a ______________ account in order to simplify administrative tasks when dealing with a large numbers of users.
  11. A global group is used across an entire ________________.
  12. Groups are used to give users ______________ to perform system tasks such as backing up and restoring files.
  13. The network administrator assigns ____________________ to groups to access resources, such as files, directories, and printers.
  14. After being deleted, a user can no longer use the network, because the network __________________ database will contain record or description of the user.


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