Chapter 10 -- Ensuring Network Security

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Chapter 10

About This Chapter

Up to this point, our emphasis has been on sharing as the principal reason for creating a network. However, security—protecting the networked computers and the data they store and share—is also an important factor in networking. The larger the enterprise, the greater the need for security. In this chapter, we revisit some of the ways to enable sharing on a network that were covered in Chapter 9, "Establishing Network Shares and Accounts." Here, however, our focus shifts away from sharing procedures; instead we look at sharing from the perspective of how to establish and maintain network and data security.

Security is more than preventing unauthorized access to computers and their data; it includes maintaining the proper physical environment to permit the network to function effectively. We take a look at preventive maintenance and how to take steps to prevent data loss and minimize network failures, whether from human or other causes, such as natural disasters.

Before You Begin

Because this chapter is a continuation of the lessons presented in Chapter 9, you should be familiar with the concepts and procedures introduced in that chapter.

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