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Chapter 1: ADO.NET Basics

For the History Buffs: How ODBC Came to Be

Chapter 2: Data Components in Visual Studio .NET

IDE vs. Manual Coding
Question and Answer
Question and Answer
Question and Answer

Chapter 4: ADO.NET in Connected Environments

Transactions and Concurrency in ADO.NET

Chapter 7: Data Binding and Windows Forms Data-Bound Controls

Question and Answer
Question and Answer

Chapter 18: Object-Relational Mapping in .NET

Paranoid Programming
Death to N-Tier

Chapter 19: Mapped Objects: Performance Considerations and Data Binding

Using Connection Strings
Using a Better Tree Control

Chapter 22: SQL Server and ADO.NET: Notes on Performance

How SQL Server Stores Your Data

Appendix A: Relational Databases: Some Basic Concepts

What Are Deadlocks?

Appendix B: Commonly Used SQL Statements

Understanding SQL Injection

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