b-trees indexing method (SQL Server), 756

Base Class Library (BCL), 76

base data providers, 37

BaseDataList class (Web Forms), 562–563


executing, 206–208

Executing Using DataReader (code listing), 164–165

of queries, interpreting, 164–165

behavior of data, controlling with, 637

BFILEs (Binary Files), 425

bidirectional data binding, 537–538

Binary Data, Reading (code listing), 837–838

BindData method, 105

Binding class, 288–292

Binding Multiple Controls Using Binding (code listing), 289

Binding TextBox Using Binding (code listing), 288–289

BindingsCollection class, 289–290

constructing Binding object, 288–289

setting Binding class members, 290–292

BindingContext, 296

BindingManagerBase functionality, 293–296

BindList controls, 305

bitmaps, reading and writing, 833–838

BLOB data, reading and writing, 833–838

BlockedTree table, 692

Borders property page, 497–498

bound objects

accessing properties of, 678–680

using logic with, 680–685

Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF), 780, 785

Browse Button Click Event Handler (code listing), 835

Building Distributed Applications with Microsoft .NET, 776

Button-Click Event Handler for Calling Order Retrieval Web Service (code listing), 528–529

Button Click event handler, writing code on, 477–478

Button Click Event Handlers (code listing), 614–615

Button Click Handlers, Writing (code listing), 541

Button Columns, using with DataGrid control, 591–594

Button Control (Web Forms), 540–541

Button, TextBox, and Image Controls, Data Binding in (code listing), 561–562

ButtonColumn Click Event Handler (code listing), 592

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