Changing Drum Sounds

Reason is packed with drum samples, and choosing the right one for your kit is easy. You may find another drum set (patch) that you like better, or you may find that changing just one or two drum samples gives you more ideas.

You can browse through the Reason sound banks while your beat is playing, allowing you to swap drum sounds on the fly.

To change drum sounds

  • With your loop playing, click the arrow buttons on your drum channel Sample Browser to switch to the next sound in the same folder.


  • Click and hold on the sample name in a drum channel to choose a sound from the pop-up list (Figure 4.38).

    Figure 4.38. Swapping sounds is easy. Click the sample display for a menu of all other samples that are in the same directory as the currently loaded sample.

    Since drum samples are stored in folders with similar sounds, this is a fast and easy way to find sounds.

The Patch Browser works the same way as the Sample Browser, allowing you to audition different drum sets and change them on-the-fly.

To change drum patches


With your loop playing, click the Browse Patch button in the Redrum master controls and choose a new patch from the same directory or switch directories and choose a patch.


To surf through the current patch directory, use the arrow keys below the patch name.


Click and hold on the patch name display in the Redrum master controls to select from the pop-up menu of recent patches. If no patch has been loaded, you can only choose Open Browser.

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