The Reason 14:2 Mixer

Now you'll learn how to build up a Rack, and how to set it up so you can start writing.

You'll need to add a Mixer before doing anything else. The first time you create a Mixer, Reason will automatically connect it to your Reason hardware interface. Once this is done, the Mixer will function as a control center for most of the instruments you'll create in the examples of this book.

The Mixer has the capability to independently lower and raise the volumes of all the instruments connected to it, and has tone controls for each channel that will help you further balance these instruments as your song develops and your studio grows.

To create a Mixer


Go to the Create menu and select Mixer 14:2 (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.2. Create a 14:2 Mixer.

A new Mixer appears in your Rack.


Press Tab to see the back panel. Reason has automatically connected the Mixer to audio inputs 1 and 2 of the hardware interface (Figure 4.3).

Figure 4.3. The Mixer back panel, connected to the hardware interface audio inputs 1 and 2.


  • Using interface audio inputs 3 through 64 only works if you're planning to route Reason's audio signals to another program, or you've set up Reason to route additional audio outputs to a multi-output audio interface.

As you begin adding instruments to your project, you'll want to make more window space in your Rack so you can see what you're doing. All of Reason's instruments and virtual hardware devices can "fold" into a minimized view.

To fold and unfold your devices


Click the down arrow in the upper-left corner of the hardware interface (Figure 4.4) to fold the interface and make more visual room (Figure 4.5).

Figure 4.4. Use the fold arrow to minimize/maximize a piece of Rack hardware. The arrow points right when a device is folded, and down when it's unfolded.

Figure 4.5. The hardware interface in its folded (minimized) state


Click the arrow again to unfold the interface and see it in full view.

For the time being, leave the hardware interface in a maximized (unfolded) view.


  • You can fold and unfold all the devices in your Rack at once by holding the Alt (Win) / Opt (Mac) key when clicking the fold/unfold arrow.

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