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ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
         as straight resonant filter 2nd
         controlling from Sequencer tracks
         controlling with Matrix velocity 2nd
         setting up pattern sequences 2nd
     general tools
     PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
echo effects
     DDL-1 delays 2nd
     DDL-1 delays and audio splitters 2nd
         Multi Tap 2nd
         Multi Tap and diffusion interaction
Edit mode, Sequencer
     basics 2nd 3rd
     Controller lanes and
Edit Preferences, Default Song
Electronic Arts, AIFF format
Encounter 2000
envelopes [See amp envelopes, filter envelopes, mod envelopes]
EQ effects
    BV512 Digital Vocoder
         optimizing 2nd
         setting up as graphic EQ
         setting up vocoder patches 2nd 3rd
         using BV512 envelope controls
         using master keyboard
         vocoding processes
         with Combinator 2nd 3rd
Export as Audio File
     songs 2nd
Ext. Mod controls, SubTractor

Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
ISBN: 321269179
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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