Chapter 24. Conclusion: Python and the Development Cycle

    Section 24.1.  "That's the End of the Book, Now Here's the Meaning of Life"

    Section 24.2.  "Something's Wrong with the Way We Program Computers"

    Section 24.3.  The "Gilligan Factor"

    Section 24.4.  Doing the Right Thing

    Section 24.5.  Enter Python

    Section 24.6.  But What About That Bottleneck?

    Section 24.7.  On Sinking the Titanic

    Section 24.8.  So What's "Python: The Sequel"?

    Section 24.9.  In the Final Analysis . . .

    Section 24.10.  Postscript to the Second Edition (2000)

    Section 24.11.  Postscript to the Third Edition (2006)

Programming Python
Programming Python
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