Part IV: Internet Programming

This part of the book explores Python's role as a language for programming Internet-based applications, and its library tools that support this role. Along the way, system and GUI tools presented earlier in the book are put to use as well. Because this is a popular Python domain, chapters here cover all fronts:

Chapter 13, Network Scripting

This chapter introduces Internet concepts, presents Python low-level network communication tools such as sockets and select calls, and illustrates common client/server programming techniques in Python.

Chapter 14, Client-Side Scripting

This chapter shows you how your scripts can use Python to access common client-side network protocols like FTP, email, HTTP, and more. We'll also build email tools here that we'll reuse in later chapters.

Chapter 15, The PyMailGUI Client

This chapter uses the client-side email tools introduced in the prior chapter, as well as the GUI techniques of the prior part, to implement a full-featured email application and to cover larger program concepts.

Chapter 16, Server-Side Scripting

This chapter introduces the basics of Python server-side Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scriptsa kind of program used to implement interactive web sites.

Chapter 17, The PyMailCGI Server

This chapter demonstrates Python web site implementation techniques such as security, by presenting a complete web-based email system. Part of our goal here is to compare and contrast with the client-side PyMailGUI program.

Chapter 18, Advanced Internet Topics

This chapter provides overviews of other Python Internet topics, such as Jython, Zope, PSP, XML parsing, and HTMLgen.

Along the way, we'll also put general programming concepts such as object-oriented programming (OOP) and code refactoring and reuse to work here. As we'll see repeatedly in this part of the book, Python, GUIs, and networking are a powerful combination.

Programming Python
Programming Python
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