Section 10.8. The End of the Tour

10.8. The End of the Tour

And that's a wrap for our tour around the Tkinter library. You have now seen all the core widgets and tools previewed at the end of Chapter 8 (flip back for a summary of territory covered on this tour). For more details, watch for all of the tools introduced here to appear again in the advanced GUI techniques in Chapter 11, the larger GUI examples in Chapter 12, and the remainder of the book at large.

I should point out, though, that this story is not quite complete. Although we've covered the entire basic Tkinter widget arsenal, we've skipped a handful of newer and more advanced widgets introduced to Tkinter recently:


An Entry used to select among a set or range of values


A Frame with a border and title around a group of items


A geometry manager widget containing multiple widgets that can be resized by moving separator lines with the mouse

Moreover, we haven't even mentioned any of the higher-level widgets available in the popular Pmw and Tix extension packages for Tkinter (described in Chapter 8) or any other third-party packages. For instance, the third-party domain hosts TRee widgets, HTML viewers, font selection dialogs, tables, and much more for Tkinter. See Tkinter, Tk, Tix, and Pmw documentation for more details on additional widgets, and visit the Vaults of Parnassus web site ( or search Google for other third-party extensions.

Because it is just a Python/Tkinter program, Python's standard IDLE development GUI is another resourceits code includes font dialogs, TRee widgets, and more that you can use in your own applications. See the IDLE source directory on your machine for more details.

I should also mention that there are more widget configuration options than we have met on this tour. Consult Tk and Tkinter resources for options not listed explicitly here. Although other Tkinter tools are analogous to those presented here, the space I have for illustrating additional widgets and options in this book is limited by both my publisher and my fingers.

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