Chapter 7. Movie Clips


    Recipe 7.1.  Referring to Movie Clips via ActionScript

    Recipe 7.2.  Targeting Movie Clips with Dynamic Names

    Recipe 7.3.  Affecting Playback

    Recipe 7.4.  Reversing Playback

    Recipe 7.5.  Using Movie Clips as Buttons

    Recipe 7.6.  Defining Hit Areas for Movie Clips

    Recipe 7.7.  Checking for Mouseover

    Recipe 7.8.  Performing Repeated Actions on Movie Clips

    Recipe 7.9.  Fading a Movie Clip

    Recipe 7.10.  Discovering Nested Movie Clips

    Recipe 7.11.  Getting Unique Depths

    Recipe 7.12.  Getting a Movie Clip's Boundaries

    Recipe 7.13.  Creating a Draggable Movie Clip

    Recipe 7.14.  Creating a Custom Mouse Pointer

    Recipe 7.15.  Checking for Overlapping Movie Clips (Performing Hit Tests)

    Recipe 7.16.  Changing Stacking Order

    Recipe 7.17.  Converting Between Coordinate Spaces

    Recipe 7.18.  Duplicating Movie Clips

    Recipe 7.19.  Adding Movie Clips from the Library with ActionScript

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