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outsourcing for radical change: a bold approach to enterprise transformation
Outsourcing for Radical Change: A Bold Approach to Enterprise Transformation
by Jane C. Linder ISBN:0814472184

If you’re looking for a serious infusion of life-blood into your company, transformational outsourcing could be the answer. This book examines the process, from selecting your ultimate goal, to mapping out a workable action plan, and much more.

Table of Contents
Outsourcing for Radical Change—A Bold Approach to Enterprise Transformation
Part I - The Case for Transformational Outsourcing
Chapter 1 - National Savings and Investments Uses Outsourcing to Transform
Chapter 2 - Outsourcing Isn’t What It Used to Be
Chapter 3 - Ten Imperatives for Leadership
Part II - Choosing Your Targets
Chapter 4 - Transformational Outsourcing Meets Strategy
Chapter 5 - Crafting a Business Model That Works
Part III - Making Transformational Outsourcing Work
Chapter 6 - Thomas Cook—Catalyzing Change
Chapter 7 - End-to-End Performance Management
Chapter 8 - Managing People Through Transitions
Chapter 9 - Leveraging Capabilities
Chapter 10 - Ending and Renewal
Chapter 11 - Managing Transformational Outsourcing in the Public Sector
Part IV - Transformational Outsourcing Horizons
Chapter 12 - Transformational Outsourcing Horizons
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Outsourcing for Radical Change(c) A Bold Approach to Enterprise Transformation
Outsourcing for Radical Change: A Bold Approach to Enterprise Transformation
ISBN: 0814472184
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 135
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