This chapter has given a broad overview and introduction into architecture design and its advantages and disadvantages. You have seen how .NET implements different technologies for achieving enterprise applications and different ways in which you can leverage .NET in an enterprise environment. The next chapter introduces you to the application that you will create throughout this book as well as how to set up the application infrastructure. It will employ a number of techniques discussed in this chapter. You will find as you read this book that it is far from theoretical; specifically, you will put into practice all of the techniques needed to create an enterprise-level application by building a working n-tier application.

Building Client/Server Applications with VB. NET(c) An Example-Driven Approach
Building Client/Server Applications Under VB .NET: An Example-Driven Approach
ISBN: 1590590708
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 148
Authors: Jeff Levinson
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