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    accessing zval fields 
    PHP_INI_MH( ) prototype 
    zval dereferencing 
magic_quotes_gpc option (php.ini), automatic quoting of form parameters 
Mail Exchange (MX) records for host 
mail( ) function 
    configuring on Unix 
MAKE_STD_ZVAL( ) macro 
masks, using in string searches 
matching with regular expressions  [See also regular expressions]2nd 
        functions for 
    POSIX-style, functions for 
    BCMath library 
    functions for 
    GNU MP (GMP) library 
max( ) function 
MCAL (Modular Calendar Access Library) 
mcrypt extension 
md5( ) function 
    freeing from database query results 
    managing in extensions 
    managing in PHP 
    reducing requirements for scripts 
        shmop extension 
        System V extension 
memory_limit directive (php.ini file) 
merging two arrays 
Mersenne Twister generator, seeding 
message digests, mhash library 
metacharacters, regular expression 
    PDF file 
metaphone( ) function  2nd 
method_exists( ) function  2nd 
methods  2nd 
    class and object, PEAR DB library 
    class, getting  2nd 
    HTTP  2nd 
        in form processing 
    object, as XML parsing handlers 
mhash library 
    Access, PHP ODBC support for 
    Active Server Pages (ASP) 
    developer's site 
    Excel  [See Excel]
    Personal Web Server  [See PWS]
    SQL Server extension 
    Windows  [See Windows systems, PHP on]
    Word  [See Word]
microtime( ) function  2nd 
MIME types
    launching appropriate program for 
    specifying for browser 
    specifying for HTTP response 
min( ) function 
Ming library (for Shockwave Flash movies) 
minimal (non-greedy) matching 
minimum number of characters (printf( ) format modifier) 
MINIT( ) function, registering destructor function for resource 
mixed-case string, converting to "title case" 
mkdir( ) function 
mktime( ) function 
mnoGoSearch extension 
modes, row arrays from database query results 
    pattern matches 
Modular Calendar Access Library (MCAL) 
modulus (%) operator 
modulus assignment (%=) operator 
move_uploaded_file( ) function  2nd 
movies (Flash)
    Ming library for 
    SWF extension 
mSQL extension 
mt_getrandmax( ) function 
mt_rand( ) function 
mt_srand( ) function 
multi-valued parameters, HTML forms 
multidimensional arrays 
multiplication (*) operator 
multiplication assignment (*=) operator 
MySQL database
    accessing, querying, and printing result 
    MySQL extension 
    session store, using for 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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