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names  [See also identifiers]
    sorting in ascending and descending alphabetical order 
    static method 
namespaces in XML tags 
natcasesort( ) function  2nd 
Native Language Support (NLS) interface 
natsort( ) function  2nd 
natural-order string comparisons 
navigation features, PDF files 
    bookmarks and thumbnails 
    - operator 
    bitwise (~ operator) 
negative color index, turning off antialiasing with 
negative lookahead and lookbehind assertions 
negative numbers in PHP array keys 
nested loops, breaking out of 
    block comments, avoiding in 
    function declarations 
    XML documents 
    XML tags 
networking, functions for 
new keyword  2nd 
newlines (\n)
    end of string matching in regular expressions 
    in heredocs 
next loops, accessing sorted array ordering 
next( ) function  2nd 
nextID( ) method 
NIS (formerly Yellow Pages) 
nl2br( ) function 
NLS (Native Language Support) interface 
nonproportional scaling of images 
not identical (!==) operator 
notation declarations for unparsed entities 
notes, adding to PDF files 
    in SQL queries 
    testing string for 
NULL value  2nd 
number_format( ) function 
    changing sign of 
    converting strings to 
numCols( ) method 
numeric comparisons 
numRows( ) method 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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