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ob_clean( ) function 
ob_end_clean( ) function  2nd 
ob_end_flush( ) function  2nd 
ob_flush( ) function 
ob_get_contents( ) function  2nd 
ob_get_length( ) function  2nd 
ob_gzhandler( ) function  2nd 
ob_implicit_flush( ) function 
ob_start( ) function  2nd 
Object Linking and Embedding  [See OLE]
object methods 
    PEAR DB library 
    as XML parsing handlers 
object-oriented programming 
    declaring classes 
    PEAR DB library 
    PHP terminology 
objects  2nd  3rd 
    casting to/from arrays 
    COM class and VARIANT type 
    displaying with print_r( ) 
    extension functions returning 
    functions for 
    getting class for 
    in XML parsing 
    properties  2nd 
    properties and methods, accessing 
    rows in database query results 
    serialization of  2nd 
        _ _sleep( ) and _ _wakeup( ) methods 
        logfile (example) 
octal numbers 
octdec( ) function 
ODBC data sources, interacting with 
    configuring a DSN 
        accessing data 
        limitations as database 
ODBC extension 
OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) 
    COM objects and parameters, exposing with Word macro 
OOP  [See object-oriented programming]
open_basedir option, restricing filesystem access with 
open_basedir option, restricting filesystem access with 
opendir( ) function 
    TCP or UDP connection on remote host 
        on specific port 
openlog( ) function 
    number of 
operating systems
    determining  2nd 
    supporting PHP 
    associativity of 
    autoincrement and autodecrement 
    casting operand types 
    number of operands 
    precedence of 
    string concatenation 
    summary of 
    database connections 
    execution time 
    memory requirements 
OR operator
    | (bitwise OR) 
    |= (bitwise OR assignment) operator 
Oracle extensions 
ord( ) function 
origin (PDF coordinates), changing 
out-of-process server 
        in error handlers 
        functions for 
        setting file buffer size 
    changing document references 
        with rewrite( ) callback function 
    end-of-line handling on Windows 
    functions for 
        basic text 
        phpinfo( ) function, checking for installed module 
overline, text in PDF files 
overriding methods, derived class vs. parent class 
Ovrimos SQL extension 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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