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pack( ) function 
    printf( ) output  2nd 
pages, PDF  [See also web pages]
    GD entries 
palleted images, converting to true color 
        accessing from PHP code 
        sticky multi-valued 
    function  2nd  3rd 
        handling in extensions 
        passing by reference 
        passing by value 
        variable numbers of 
    PDF, setting 
parent class, getting name of 
parse errors 
parse( ) function 
parse_ini_file( ) function 
parse_str( ) function  2nd 
parse_url( ) function  2nd 
parsing XML 
    character data handler 
    creating a parser 
    default handler 
    element handlers 
    entity handlers 
    methods as handlers 
    PHP's XML parser 
    processing instructions 
    sample application 
passing by reference 
passing by value 
passthru( ) function 
    security risks with shell commands 
passwords, authenticating 
pathinfo( ) function 
paths, specifying for graphical shapes 
pattern matching  [See regular expressions]
patterns for filling or stroking paths 
pclose( ) function 
PDF (Portable Document Format) 
    attaching files to document 
    clibpdf extension 
    documents and pages 
    documents, terminating and streaming 
    graphics in 
        patterns for filling or stroking paths 
    images and graphics, templates for 
    images in 
    metadata, setting 
    module, checking if installed 
    navigation features 
        bookmarks and thumbnails 
    note annotations 
    outputting basic text 
    page transitions 
    page, creating 
    pdflib extension 
    PHP extensions for 
    text in 
        altering appearance of 
        coordinates for placement 
        functions for manipulating 
pdf_add_bookmark( ) function 
pdf_add_launchlink( ) function 
pdf_add_locallink( ) function 
pdf_add_note( ) function 
pdf_add_pdflink( ) function 
pdf_add_weblink( ) function 
pdf_arc( ) function 
pdf_attach_file( ) function 
pdf_begin_pattern( ) function 
pdf_begin_template( ) function 
pdf_circle( ) function 
pdf_close( ) function 
pdf_closepath( ) function 
pdf_continue_text( ) function 
pdf_curveto( ) function 
pdf_delete( ) function 
pdf_end_page( ) function 
pdf_end_template( ) function 
pdf_fill_stroke( ) function 
pdf_findfont( ) function 
pdf_get_buffer( ) function 
pdf_get_parameter( ) function 
pdf_get_value( ) function 
pdf_lineto( ) function 
pdf_moveto( ) function 
pdf_new( ) function 
pdf_open_ format( ) function 
pdf_open_file( ) function 
pdf_place_image( ) function 
pdf_rect( ) function  2nd 
pdf_restore( ) function 
pdf_save( ) function 
pdf_scale( ) function 
pdf_set_border_style( ) function 
pdf_set_info( ) function 
pdf_set_parameter( ) function  2nd  3rd 
pdf_set_textpos( ) function 
pdf_setcolor( ) function 
pdf_show( ) function 
pdf_show_boxed( ) function 
pdf_stroke( ) function 
PDF_translate( ) function 
pdflib extension  2nd  3rd 
    transparency, support of 
PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)
    DB library
        advanced techniques 
PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) DB library 
    accessing databases with  2nd 
    fetching data from query results 
    methods providing information on query results 
    transactions, methods for 
PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Respository) DB library
percentages, formatting for printf( ) output 
    debugging extensions and 
performance tuning 
    optimizing execution time 
    optimizing memory requirements 
    reverse proxies and replication 
        load balancing and redirection 
        MySQL replication 
performance, PEAR DB library and 
Perl regular expressions 
    character classes 
    conditional expressions 
    cut subpattern 
    differences in PHP implementation 
    flags (trailing options) 
    inline options 
    lookahead and lookbehind assertions 
    match behavior 
    non-capturing groups 
    PHP functions for 
    quantifiers and greed 
    chmod( ) function 
    umask( ) function 
persistence, database connections 
Personal Web Server  [See PWS]
pfsockopen( ) function 
    building with support for databases 
    configuration page, creating 
    download site for most recent version 
    Function Entry macro 
    history of 
        Version 1 
        Version 2 
        Version 3 
        Version 4 
    info/options, functions for 
        data types 
        embedding in web pages 
        expressions and operators 
        flow-control statements 
        garbage collection 
        including code 
        lexical structure 
        statements and semicolons 
        whitespace and line breaks 
    prepackaged Windows distributions of 
    shell-based program, creating 
    tags, removing from strings 
PHP Extension and Application Repository  [See PEAR]
PHP installer, automatic configuration with 
php.ini file
    directives recommended for production systems 
    disable_functions option 
    extension INI entries 
    maximum size (in bytes) for file uploads 
    memory_limit directive 
    safe_mode directive 
    session information storage, customizing 
    track_errors option 
    variables_order directive 
PHP_FE( ) macro 
PHP_INI_MH( ) prototype macro 
php_logo_guid( ) function 
php_sapi_name( ) function 
php_uname( ) function 
phpcredits( ) function 
phpinfo( ) function  2nd 
    checking for database support 
    GD extension, information on 
phpversion( ) function 
PI (Process Instruction) XML tag 
pi( ) function 
    opening to process executed by shell command 
    checking color index for 
    setting color for 
    for database query values 
    XML entities as 
platform, testing for 
PNG image format 
    black square on white background (example) 
    changing to JPEG 
    in PDF files 
    output function for 
polygons, drawing 
popen( ) function 
    security risks 
    database-specific extensions and 
    optimizing database connections for 
Portable Document Format  [See PDF]
pos( ) function 
position of smaller string within larger string 
    cursor in PDF text 
    images in PDF documents 
    text in PDF files 
positions in indexed arrays 
positive lookahead and lookbehind assertions 
POSIX-style regular expressions 
    anchors in 
    functions for 
        splitting strings 
POST method (HTTP) 
    $HTTP_POST_VARS array 
    form processing 
    global variables for, controlling 
    quotes state for operations 
    sending XML-RPC request via 
    XML-RPC request, constructing for 
post_max_size configuration option 
PostgreSQL extension 
PostScript font metrics 
pow( ) function 
precedence, operator  2nd 
    associativity and 
    two basic rules for 
precision specifier for floating-point numbers 
    for page colors  [See color cookies]
    session, saving across requests 
    using from sessions 
preg_match( ) function 
preg_quote( ) function 
preg_replace( ) function 
    calling eval( ) with /e option 
preg_split( ) function 
prepare( ) method 
prev( ) function  2nd 
print( ) function  2nd 
print_r( ) function  2nd 
printf( ) function  2nd 
    format modifiers 
    type specifier 
    error messages 
        with echo 
        with print( ) function 
        with print_r( ) 
        with printf( ) function 
        with var_dump( ) function 
private and public methods or properties 
process IDs 
processing instructions for XML documents 
production environment, php.ini directives for 
program execution, functions for 
progressive JPEGs in PDF files 
    class, getting  2nd 
        getting array of 
        rows in database query results 
proxy caches 
pseudorandom-number generator, seeding 
pspell library 
putenv( ) function 
pval/zval data type 
    macros to access zval fields 
    MAKE_STD_ZVAL( ) macro 
    SEPARATE_ZVAL( ) macro 
    zval dereferencing 
    zval_copy_ctor( ) function 
PWS (Personal Web Server) 
    configuring PHP for 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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