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language, PHP 
last-in first-out (LIFO) stacks 
lcg_value( ) function 
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 
leading parameter for PDF text 
left shift (<<) operator 
    of output buffers 
    of strings 
        strlen( ) function (example) 
Lerdorf, Rasmus 
less than (<) operator 
less than or equal to (<=) operator 
levels of conditions, error reporting 
Levenshtein algorithm, calculating similarity of strings 
levenshtein( ) function  2nd 
lexicographic (textual) comparisons 
libraries  [See also extensions]
    concealing for security 
    PEAR, installing 
libswf extension, configuring external dependencies 
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 
line breaks in PHP code 
line endings on Unix and Windows 
lines, drawing 
    from current point back to starting point 
link( ) function 
linkinfo( ) function 
    in PDF documents[links
    lstat( ) function 
    readlink( ) function 
list( ) function 
    combining with array_slice( ) 
    copying array values into variables 
load balancing 
loading code and HTML from another module 
local scope 
    function parameters 
local server application 
local variables, freeing values in memory management 
locale system (Unix) 
localeconv( ) function 
localtime( ) function 
Location header 
Log objects, serializing/deserializing (example) 
log( ) function 
log10( ) function 
    in error handlers 
    error messages to syslog 
    functions for 
    opening connection to system logger 
    session errors 
logical operators 
long data type 
    storing integers as 
long2ip( ) function 
lookahead and lookbehind assertions 
    conditional expressions 
looping over array elements with each( ) 
    foreach  2nd 
lstat( ) function 
ltrim( ) function  2nd 
Luhn checksum 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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