prosextract builds the PROSITE motif database for patmatmotifs to search.

Here is a sample session with prosextract:

% prosextract Extracting ID, AC & PA lines from the Prosite motif Database. Enter name of prosite directory: data/PROSITE     % more prosite.lines ASN_GLYCOSYLATION PS00001 N-glycosylation N-{P}-[ST]-{P} ^N[^P][ST][^P]     CAMP_PHOSPHO_SITE PS00004 cAMP- [RK](2)-x-[ST] ^[RK]{2}[^BJOUXZ][ST]     PKC_PHOSPHO_SITE PS00005 Protein [ST]-x-[RK] ^[ST][^BJOUXZ][RK]     CK2_PHOSPHO_SITE PS00006 Casein [ST]-x(2)-[DE] ^[ST][^BJOUXZ]{2}[DE]     etc.......

The output files named after the prosite access numbers can also be seen in the prosite directory. This files are automatically created after prosextract is run.

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-infdat] (string)

Enter name of PROSITE directory.

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