The SingISDN Access Server


The SingISDN on the ZIP network is a Cisco 4500 access server. This access server is set up to handle ISDN dialup clients for IP and can be used as a template for any similar access server on the ZIP network. Each access server needs to have unique network layer addresses because it is impossible to have duplicate network layer addresses on an internetwork. The configuration of this access server features the following:

  • ISDN dialup configuration for IP clients

  • A local username database for user authentication

  • An ISDN rotary group using four ISDN BRI interfaces

  • A dialer interface that authenticates PPP sessions using PAP, CHAP, and MS-CHAP

  • An access list that permits only specific IP traffic to maintain a current ISDN call

The complete configuration for the SingISDN access server follows :

 version 12.1 service timestamps debug datetime localtime service timestamps log datetime localtime service password-encryption ! hostname SingISDN ! aaa new-model aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local aaa authentication ppp default group tacacs+ local aaa authentication arap default local aaa authorization exec local group tacacs+ if-authenticated aaa authorization network local group radius if-authenticated aaa accounting exec stop-only group tacacs+ aaa accounting network stop-only group tacacs+ enable secret 5 toY$IJQPTVD4.aEDLwZ8nPrvX. ! username jim password 7 53633635  username janet password 7 878743465 ip domain-list ip domain-list ip domain-name ip name-server ip name-server ip address-pool local async-bootp dns-server  async-bootp nbns-server  isdn switch-type basic-dms100 ! clock timezone SST +8 ! interface Loopback0    ip address ! interface Ethernet0  description Singapore User LAN  ip address  media-type 10BaseT ! interface BRI0  no ip address  encapsulation ppp  isdn spid1 98050101  isdn spid2 98060101  isdn answer1 50101  isdn answer2 60101  dialer rotary-group 1 ! interface BRI1  no ip address  encapsulation ppp  isdn spid1 98070101  isdn spid2 98080101  isdn answer1 70101  isdn answer2 80101  dialer rotary-group 1 ! interface BRI2  no ip address  encapsulation ppp  isdn spid1 91470102  isdn spid2 91490102  isdn answer1 70102  isdn answer2 90102  dialer rotary-group 1 ! interface BRI3  no ip address  encapsulation ppp  isdn spid1 91350102  isdn spid2 91390102  isdn answer1 50102  isdn answer2 90102  dialer rotary-group 1 ! interface Ethernet1  no ip address  shutdown ! interface Dialer1  description Singapore ISDN Dialup Pool  ip unnumbered Ethernet0  encapsulation ppp  peer default ip address pool isdn-users  dialer in-band  dialer idle-timeout 300  dialer-group 1  ppp authentication chap ms-chap pap call-in  ppp multilink  compress mpcc ! router eigrp 25000  network  no auto-summary ! ip local pool isdn-users ip classless logging trap debugging logging access-list 1 permit access-list 2 permit host access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq telnet access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq www access-list 102 permit udp any any eq domain access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq ftp  tacacs-server host tacacs-server key ZIPSecure radius-server host radius-server key Radius4Me snmp-server community Zipnet RO 2 snmp-server community ZIPprivate RW 2 snmp-server host Zipnet snmp frame-relay isdn config snmp-server location 1 Raffles Place, Singapore snmp-server contact Allan Leinwand, dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 102 ! line con 0  password 7 052C092B284B47 line aux 0 password 7 095B59 line vty 0 4 password 7 095B59  access-class 1 in ! ntp clock-period 17179886 ntp server ntp server end 

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