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These quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this chapter. The answers to the quiz questions can be found in Appendix A, "Answers to Quizzes."



What is the purpose of adding additional layers to your application?


Name the option you can use when calling the ExecuteReader() method of the Command object to make sure that the DataReader closes its connection to the database when it is done.


Upgrade the orders.aspx and orderdetails.aspx examples from Hour 11 to use a middle tier to access data. Remember that both of these examples use a SqlDataReader to retrieve information from the database, so your middle-tier code will be very similar to the first example (product list) in this chapter.

You should create a new class in the ADO24HRS namespace called OrdersDB in order to implement the new screens. Keep in mind that a namespace can span several files (that is, you can copy the ProductsDB.vb file created in this chapter to a file called OrdersDB.vb, replace the product methods with ones for the order screens, and compile it in the same way).

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