Organizing Files

Before you have too many files, it's a good idea to figure out where you're going to put them.

To organize your files:


Create a central folder or directory to hold all the material that will be available at your Web site. On the Mac, choose File > New Folder in the Finder (Figure 2.20). In Windows, from the Desktop, choose File > New > Folder (Figure 2.21). Give the folder a name.

Figure 2.20. On a Mac, choose New Folder, and then give the folder a name. Then create a separate folder for each section of your site.

Figure 2.21. In Windows, from the desktop or the Windows Explorer, choose File > New > Folder.


Divide the folder in a way that reflects the organization of your Web site (Figures 2.20 and 2.22).

Figure 2.22. You can divide the folder into additional folders if needed.


You may decide to create a separate folder for each section of your site, along with individual subfolders for images and other external files.


You can create a top-level images folder for images that are common to all areas of your Web site.


  • Use simple, one-word names without symbols or punctuation for your files and folders. Use all lowercase letters so that your URLs are easier to type and thus your pages are easier to reach. For more details on how to create good file names, consult File Names on page 34.

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