Viewing Your Page in a Browser

Once you've created a page, you'll want to see what it looks like in a browser. In fact, since you don't know which browser your visitors will be using, it's a good idea to look at the page in several browsers.

To look at your page in a browser:


Open a browser.


Choose File > Open, Open File, or Open Page (just not Open Location), depending on the browser (Figure 2.23).

Figure 2.23. From the desired browser (this is Firefox for Windows), choose File > Open File. In Explorer for Windows, it's called File > Open.


In the dialog box that appears, either type the location of the page on your hard disk, or click Browse to find it (Figure 2.24).

Figure 2.24. In Explorer for Windows, you'll get an intermediary box asking if you want to type the path in by hand. If you don't (and why would you?), click the Browse button.


If you've clicked Browse in step 3, in the new dialog box that appears, navigate to the folder on your hard disk that contains the desired Web page and click Open (Figure 2.25).

Figure 2.25. Choose the file that you want to open and click the Open button (not shown).


Back in the Open dialog box, click OK. The page is displayed in the browser just as it will appear when you actually publish it on the server (see page 353).

Figure 2.26. The page appears in the browser. Check it over well to see if it's coming out the way you planned.


  • You can (usually) also double-click a Web page's icon to view it in a browser.

  • If your Web page does not appear in the Open dialog box, make sure that you have saved it as text-only and given it the .htm or .html extension (see page 46).

  • You don't have to close the document in the text editor before you view it with a browser. You do have to save it.

  • Your visitors won't be able to view your Web site until you publish it (see page 353).

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