Chapter 6. Working with Menus and Buttons

Now that your videos and slideshows are where you want them, it's time to dress up your project. Take control of the theme, choosing backdrops for menus and shapes for buttons, to let you create the look you want for your movies and slideshows.

With iDVD 3 you have a great deal of control over how your DVD looks, and not just which items appear on which menu. You can choose from among the 14 old themes and 24 new themes Apple includes with iDVD (a grand total of 38 delicious themes, for those of you who keep track of such things), such as a background of floating clouds or a still image of parchment paper. Or you can create a custom backdrop from one of your own movies or still images. Maybe you want a dinosaur backdrop for Uncle Yogi's 50th birthday video (all in good-natured fun, of course) or a video of your child's first wobbly steps playing in the background of an entire menu (be careful not to go overboard with motion menus, though you don't want to make your viewers queasy). Simply start with one of iDVD's built-in themes and modify it.

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