Create More Menus

You can make your DVD's structure as complicated as you like, with as many branches as a willow tree. But don't go crazy or you'll lose your viewers. Simpler is often better.

Making an additional menu is easy. Just click the Folder button under the opening menu and a new button appears on-screen. It's not pretty, but remember, we'll dress it up later. The purpose of this button is to get the viewer to another menu. Double-click the button (or highlight it and press Return) and you'll be magically transported to the new menu that contains nothing more than an arrow button and a generic title. Add slideshows, movies, and other folder buttons according to your plan following the same steps you used to add items to the opening menu.

After you've finished adding items to this new menu, click the arrow button to return to the previous menu.

You can add as many menus full of movies and slideshows as you need to complete the structure of your DVD. Let's move on to making it look pretty.

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