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Appendix a. photo book themes

I have a confession to make. I wrote this Appendix for myself. Every time I want to create a photo book, I have to try to remember which themes offer text mixed with photos, which have lots of photos on a page, which have the color scheme that I like the bestin short, which theme is best for my photos.

This Appendix takes the guesswork out of choosing a theme. You'll find information about each theme's page types, as well as the page designs that correspond to each type. Instead of creating complicated tables, I've opted to show you examples so you can get a feel for each theme and see exactly what you'll get.

I've also included the default layout pattern for each book theme. You can use the default layout pattern as a guide for choosing your photos (two for this page, one for that one, etc.), and then once the photos are in the proper order, click the Autoflow button to have iPhoto place all the photos on the appropriate pages for you. (See pages 6061 for more about Autoflow.) However, don't forget that the default layout pattern is simply what iPhoto uses if you leave it all up to the program. You can, of course, change any of the page types or designs in your own book to suit your own photographs and your own taste.

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