Chapter1.Product Overview

Chapter 1. Product Overview

  • DB2 Universal Database

  • DB2 middleware, connectivity, and information integration

  • DB2 application development

  • DB2 administration

  • DB2 data management tools

This chapter introduces you to the DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB) family of products for z/Series, UNIX, and Intel platforms. DB2 has the ability to store all types of electronic information: traditional relational data, as well as structured, semistructured, and unstructured information; documents and text in many languages; graphics and images; audio and video; information specific to operations, such as engineering drawings, maps, insurance claims forms, numerical control streams; and any type of electronic information. This chapter provides you with information about the various DB2 and related information-management products from IBM. A description of each DB2 product is provided to illustrate some of its features and functions. Products are discussed based on features for version 8 levels of function.

The DB2 family of database products providing information management is an important part of IBM's e-business software portfolio. The e-business Application Framework provides an open blueprint on how to build e-business applications. Popular IBM e-business tools include WebSphere Studio for developing Java programs or components, Rational Suite and XDE for system analysis and design, and Tivoli software for distributed systems management. As for application server software, IBM offers several types of servers, depending on the business requirement, from message queuing with WebSphere MQ to Java-based transaction processing with WebSphere Application Server. Several other products use the WebSphere Application Server infrastructure: WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services (HATS), WebSphere Portal, and WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation. The most popular IBM software servers are its database servers: specifically, the DB2 family.

The DB2 family executes on pervasive devices and Intel, Linux, UNIX, midrange, and mainframe servers. Supported operating environments include Windows 2000/2003/NT/XP, Linux, AIX, Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX, Sun Microsystems' Solaris, OS/400, VSE/VM, OS/390, and z/OS. The DB2 code base is optimized for each platform to ensure maximum performance. The SQL API is common to all platforms, which allows applications written on one platform to access data on any platform. Internally, DB2 on iSeries, VSE/VM, and z/OS differs from DB2 on the UNIX and Intel platforms, but it is the common SQL API that enables applications to work together. The DB2 code base on Intel and UNIX platforms is the same. DB2 provides seamless database connectivity, using the most popular network communications protocols.

The DB2 family of database products is part of the IBM DB2 software brand. With respect to leveraging IBM information assets, this group of products has expanded to include Informix, U2, Cloudscape, and IMS database products, as well as a variety of tools and new products in the areas of business intelligence, information integration, and content management. With IBM's recent acquisition of Candle, this group of products could expand in the future.

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