Chapter 3. Domain Controllers, Global Catalogs, and FSMOs


    Recipe 3.1.  Promoting a Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.2.  Promoting a Domain Controller from Media

    Recipe 3.3.  Demoting a Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.4.  Automating the Promotion or Demotion of a Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.5.  Troubleshooting Domain Controller Promotion or Demotion Problems

    Recipe 3.6.  Removing an Unsuccessfully Demoted Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.7.  Renaming a Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.8.  Finding the Domain Controllers for a Domain

    Recipe 3.9.  Finding the Closest Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.10.  Finding a Domain Controller's Site

    Recipe 3.11.  Moving a Domain Controller to a Different Site

    Recipe 3.12.  Finding the Services a Domain Controller Is Advertising

    Recipe 3.13.  Configuring a Domain Controller to Use an External Time Source

    Recipe 3.14.  Finding the Number of Logon Attempts Made Against a Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.15.  Enabling the /3GB Switch to Increase the LSASS Cache

    Recipe 3.16.  Cleaning Up Distributed Link Tracking Objects

    Recipe 3.17.  Enabling and Disabling the Global Catalog

    Recipe 3.18.  Determining if Global Catalog Promotion Is Complete

    Recipe 3.19.  Finding the Global Catalog Servers in a Forest

    Recipe 3.20.  Finding the Domain Controllers or Global Catalog Servers in a Site

    Recipe 3.21.  Finding Domain Controllers and Global Catalogs via DNS

    Recipe 3.22.  Changing the Preference for a Domain Controller

    Recipe 3.23.  Disabling the Global Catalog Requirement During a Windows 2000 Domain Login

    Recipe 3.24.  Disabling the Global Catalog Requirement During a Windows 2003 Domain Login

    Recipe 3.25.  Finding the FSMO Role Holders

    Recipe 3.26.  Transferring a FSMO Role

    Recipe 3.27.  Seizing a FSMO Role

    Recipe 3.28.  Finding the PDC Emulator FSMO Role Owner via DNS

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