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abstract classes, searching 
    from non-Windows 
Access Control Entry (ACE) 
Access Control List  [See ACL]
    ACLs, modifying 
    policies, viewing 
        configuring expiration 
ACE (Access Control Entry) 
ACL (Access Control List) 
    modifying  2nd 
ACL Diagnostics Command (acldiag.exe) 
ACL Editor, customizing 
Active Directory Domains and Trusts Snap-in (domain.msc) 
Active Directory Installation Wizard (dcpromo.exe) 
Active Directory Load Balancer Command (adlb.exe) 
Active Directory Schema Snap-in (schmmgmt.msc) 
Active Directory Sites and Services (dssite.msc) 
Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) 
Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in (dsa.msc) 
AD Prep Utility (adprep.exe) 
    application partitions, replicas 
    attributes to schemas  2nd  3rd 
    classes to schemas 
    members to groups 
    resource records 
administration  [See also management]
    Active Directory 
administrator accounts, modifying ACLs 
ADPrep tool 
    domain controllers, promoting 
ADSI Edit (adsiedit.msc) 
ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) 
ambiguous name resolution (ANR) 
anonymous access, LDAP 
ANR (ambiguous name resolution) 
application partitions
    overview of 
    references, setting 
    replication, resetting 
applications, installing GPOs 
applying Delegation of Control Wizard 
assignment of scripts 
attribute-scoped queries, searching 
    application partitions 
    bit-flag, modifying 
    computer objects 
    crossRef objects 
    deleted objects 
    DNS object 
    domain controller objects 
    domainDNS objects 
    quota object container 
        adding  2nd 
        modifying ANR 
    site objects 
    trustedDomain objects 
    user objects 
        configuring profiles 
Audit Policy Command (auditpol.exe) 
authoritative restores 
authorization, DHCP servers 
automation of domain controllers 
auxiliary classes
    dynamically linking 

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