Chapter 18. Interoperability and Integration


    Recipe 18.1.  Accessing AD from a Non-Windows Platform

    Recipe 18.2.  Programming with .NET

    Recipe 18.3.  Programming with DSML

    Recipe 18.4.  Programming with Perl

    Recipe 18.5.  Programming with Java

    Recipe 18.6.  Programming with Python

    Recipe 18.7.  Integrating with MIT Kerberos

    Recipe 18.8.  Integrating with Samba

    Recipe 18.9.  Integrating with Apache

    Recipe 18.10.  Replacing NIS

    Recipe 18.11.  Using BIND for DNS

    Recipe 18.12.  Authorizing a Microsoft DHCP Server

    Recipe 18.13.  Using VMWare for Testing AD

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