Recipe 11.18 Viewing the Site Coverage for a Domain Controller

11.18.1 Problem

You want to view the sites a domain controller covers.

11.18.2 Solution Using a command-line interface

In the following command, replace <DomainControllerName> with the name of the domain controller you want to view site coverage for:

> nltest /server:<DomainControllerName> /DsGetSiteCov Using VBScript

Although you cannot use it directly from a scripting language like VBScript, Microsoft provides a DsGetDcSiteCoverage method that can be used by languages, such as Visual Basic and C++, to retrieve site coverage information. In fact, the nltest command shown in the CLI solution is a wrapper around this method.

11.18.3 Discussion

Recipe 11.17 describes how to force a domain controller to cover multiple sites. Recipe 11.19 describes how you can disable a domain controller from covering for any sites other than its own.

11.18.4 See Also

MSDN: DsGetDcSiteCoverage

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