Recipe 20.4. Using VGA Mode to Solve Video Problems


You need to access Windows to correct an improper video configuration.


Using Windows startup menu

  1. Restart your PC and press the F8 key at the end of the BIOS to access Windows' start menu.

  2. Select the Enable VGA Mode option and let Windows start up.

  3. Log onto Windows if prompted.

  4. Install the proper video driver for your video adapter the restart Windows normally.


Starting in VGA Mode is useful when Windows does not to start or display properly after you have installed a new, likely improper, driver for your video card. VGA Mode is also used when you start in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, or Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

See Also

More details about Safe Mode and recovering from startup display problems may be found at:

  • en-us/Default.asp?url=/resources/documentation/Windows/XP/all/reskit/en-us/ prmb_tol_hyec.asp

  • xeconheadlessdevicevideodriverprocessing.asp

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