Chapter 6. System Properties, Startup, and Shutdown


    Recipe 6.1.  Automatically Setting the Time on a Domain-Connected PC

    Recipe 6.2.  Automatically Setting the Time on a PC Not Connected to a Domain

    Recipe 6.3.  Changing the System Name

    Recipe 6.4.  Create a Multiboot Menu

    Recipe 6.5.  Using Virtual PC to Run Multiple Operating Systems Simultaneously

    Recipe 6.6.  Performing a Clean Boot

    Recipe 6.7.  Shutting Down Unnecessary Programs and Services that Run on Startup

    Recipe 6.8.  Speeding Up Shutdown Time

    Recipe 6.9.  Changing Your Boot Screen

    Recipe 6.10.  Personalizing Your PC's Sounds

    Recipe 6.11.  Creating Power Schemes

    Recipe 6.12.  Extending Battery Life on a Laptop

    Recipe 6.13.  Changing the Location of Your Startup Folders

    Recipe 6.14.  Disabling Error Reporting

    Recipe 6.15.  Creating Environment Variables

    Recipe 6.16.  Creating a Reboot or Shutdown Shortcut

    Recipe 6.17.  Scheduling a Reboot

    Recipe 6.18.  Speeding Up System Startup

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