4.4 Installing IBM Directory Client

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4.4 Installing IBM Directory Client

This section lays out the tasks which will install IBM Directory Client and all its prerequisite software products/components.

Any machine that needs to access the IBM Directory Server remotely will require that the IBM Directory Client be installed (and normally, that the LDAP-utilizing application software be appropriately configured to use the IBM Directory Client software). For the secure portal implementation, this application software is WebSphere Portal and therefore this task will need to be carried out on the Application node.

4.4.1 IBM Directory Client installation program

Log in as the Administrator user and start Windows Explorer. Insert the CD labeled Tivoli Access Manager for e-business Base for Windows. Select the drive letter corresponding to the CD-ROM drive (in our environment, it is E:), navigate to the folder \Windows\Directory\ismp and launch the setup.exe file.


This install is for the IBM Directory client, but you will be using the IBM Directory Server install program. You will be performing a custom install for just the client files.

An InstallShield window will appear prompting for a language selection. Select English and click OK.

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Figure 4-46: IDS installation wizard

Click Next in the Welcome Panel. Accept the license terms and click Next again. You will be informed that the IBM HTTP Server is already installed.

Click Next.

You will be prompted for the installation directory for the Directory Client files.

Accept the default and click Next.

Choose English in the language selection window and click Next.

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Figure 4-47: IDS client type

Select Custom for the setup type and click Next. You will be presented with a list of features.

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Figure 4-48: IDS client features

Take care to deselect the following options in the following order:

  • Server 4.1

  • IBM HTTP Server

  • DB2 V7.2

Then click Next to continue. A confirmation window will appear.

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Figure 4-49: IDS client settings

Accept the chosen options by clicking Next.

You will be informed that the GSK installation will begin.

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Figure 4-50: GSK installation

Click OK and the installation will start, displaying a progress meter.

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Figure 4-51: Installing IDS

Once the installation is finished, you will be presented with the Readme information.

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Figure 4-52: IDS client readme

After having reviewed all the items in the Readme information, click Next.

You will be prompted to choose whether or not to restart the computer. Select Yes, restart my system. Click Finish to complete the installation of IBM Directory Client.


If you want to install IBM directory server 4.1 fix pack 2 for the client component, refer to the readme file that can be found at:

  • ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/network/directory/support/efixes/410IDSFP2/WIN/FP411W-02Readme.pdf

Testing the installation

The installation should have updated the Windows Path environment variable so that it includes C:\Program Files\IBM\LDAP\bin. This is what it looks like in our environment.

This means that you are able to execute the following LDAP client commands from any directory. If this is not the case then you should update the Path variable manually or go to the specified directory to execute the commands.

Run the ldapsearch command as follows:

    ldapsearch -h ldap_server_hostname -p port -s base objectclass=* 


The ldap_server_hostname is the host name of the Security node and the default port is 389.

The LDAP search results should be similar to what is shown in the following figure.

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Figure 4-53: IDS Client - LDAP search results

Please refer to IBM Directory Client documentation if any errors occur in the process.

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