Wherever You Go . . .

To move from folder to folder, you can simply click a folder in the Tree view or double-click a folder icon in the right pane or the Places view. You can also move around the directory tree by using your cursor keys. You'll see the highlight bar move from directory to directory. To see the contents in the main window, move to a folder and press <Enter>. To go up a level in the directory tree (rather than folder by folder), press <Alt+Up Arrow>.

There's another way, as well. If you look up at the menu bar, you'll see an up arrow, a left-pointing arrow, and a right-pointing arrow (see Figure 4-4). Next to that is an icon to stop a listing (if it is taking a long time), to reload a location of folder, and finally, and icon labeled Home. Clicking that house icon always takes you back to your personal home directory. Clicking the up arrow moves you up the directory tree, and the left arrow takes you back to whatever directory you were last visiting.

Figure 4-4. The Nautilus file browser's main navigation toolbar.


When you look at your home folder using Nautilus, there are more files and folders than you actually see. So-called hidden files (those prefixed by a dot) aren't shown in the default view. Star Trek fans can think of it as a cloaking device for files. To see all files, including hidden files, click View from the menu bar and select Show Hidden Files. Keyboard jockeys can just press <Ctrl+H> to cycle back and forth between the views.

Sometimes, the quickest way to navigate your file system (assuming you know the folder you want to be in) is simply to type it in the location bar. Looking at Nautilus, you might be wondering where this location bar is. Click Go on the menu bar, then select Location (or press <Ctrl+L>). An empty field labeled Go To appears just below the navigation toolbar (see Figure 4-5). From here, you can type in whatever you wantfor example, /home/marcel/Songs/Rock. Press <Enter> and the location bar vanishes.

Figure 4-5. To jump quickly to a known folder, open up the location bar and type in the path to that folder.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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