How About a Little Flash? Shocking

How About a Little Flash? Shocking!

Before we wrap up, let's revisit that Export dialog one more time. Click File from the menu and select Export. When the Export dialog appears, have another look at the File format selection box, just below the File name field. The default is to export to an HTML document, but there are other options. For one, we have a PDF export the one-button export is common to Impress as well.

Notice that you also have a Macromedia Flash export capability. Isn't that interesting? Enter a filename for your presentation (no need to add the swf extension). With a single click of the Export button, your presentation will be saved to Macromedia's Flash format. Now your presentation is viewable from any browser with a Macromedia Flash or Shockwave plugin. The advantage of this over the HTML export is that all your animated slide transitions are preserved. Visitors to your site can view the presentation as it was intended.

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