Wrapping Up

I started this chapter by telling you that Linux has many browsers available. If you like Firefox, you might also want to look at Mozilla as a full-featured browser suite featuring an e-mail client, HTML editor, and more. Find it at


On the GNOME side, we have Epiphany, which is based on Mozilla's rendering engine. If you installed support for both the KDE and GNOME desktops, you should have it already installed. Epiphany can be downloaded from


Another browser worth a look is Opera, an excellent, very fast, lightweight graphical browser that is distributed using an interesting model. The freeware version of the browser serves up small banner ads in the upper part of the browser as you use it; you can also purchase an ad-free version (which additionally gets you an Operamail account and support). To take Opera for a spin, you will have to head to the Opera Web site at http://www.opera.com and pick up a copy.

We can't stop there. Most Linux distributions come with several browsers, including some text-only browsers such as lynx and links. If these aren't already installed on your system, they are very likely on your distribution CDs.

Shell Out

When you feel like seeing the World Wide Web without its clutter of images, why not give lynx or links a try? Just open a Konsole shell and try the following:

 lynx http://www.marcelgagne.com/ links http://www.marcelgagne.com/ 

You may be amazed at the speed and performance of nonflashy Web.

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