Other Options

In this chapter, I've paid a lot of attention to Kmail and introduced you to Evolution. By no means should you look at these as your only options. If you are used to working with Netscape (or Mozilla) mail in the Windows world, these very options are available with Linux, and they work exactly the same.

Graphical clients aren't the only things available, either. Some people find that they prefer to work with text-only clients. After all, email is primarily about writing and reading words, and less about attached files. The average Linux distribution installs a handful of very nice, text-only email clients. Notable among these are mutt (http://www.mutt.org) and pine (http://www.washington.edu/pine/). In both cases, check your distribution CDs first before you download.

As you might have noticed, I mentioned Netscape and Mozilla. On that note, it's time to turn the page. In the next chapter, we'll look at what is probably today's most popular Internet application, the Web browser.

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