Appendix D

Section: Part VIII:  Appendixes

Appendix D. Security Consultants


        The Listings

This appendix lists known security professionals from all over the world. Many provide such services to Fortune 500 companies. Consider this a miniature "Yellow Pages" of Internet security. The next time your site gets attacked by someone in Estonia, for example, you'll know whom to call.



Section: Appendix D.  Security Consultants

The Listings

Some vendors provided their names, addresses, contact person, telephone numbers, and URLs, as well as a brief description of their services. Except for correction of spelling errors and cases where their address changed, their information was printed exactly as it was received. Other vendors were found on the Web or via other mechanisms.

ACROS, d.o.o. (Slovenia)

ACROS provides complete information security solutions security systems evaluation, design and maintenance, firewalls, intrusion detection, cryptography, security policy design and maintenance, penetration testing, risk analysis and management, contingency planning, disaster recovery, mission-critical environments, security incidents investigation, and consulting.

ACROS, d.o.o.

Stantetova 4SI 2000 Maribar Slovenia

Phone: +386 41 720 908



Armor Security, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Armor installs high-security physical and electronic devices to protect life and property. These include CCTV, card access systems, burglar and fire alarms, and UL-listed locks and safes.

Armor Security, Inc.

2601 Stevens Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Contact: Doug Wilson

Phone: 612-870-4142

Fax: 612-870-4789



AS Stallion Ltd. (Estonia)

AS Stallion offers data and network security consulting and services, firewall and encryption solutions, and security evaluations and auditing.

AS Stallion Ltd.

Mustamae tec 55

Tallinn 10621, Estonia

Contact: Mr. Jyri Kaljundi, Managing Director

Phone: 372-656-7720

Fax: 372-656-7727



ASCIItech (Canada)

ASCII Technology has solutions that address risk, including information security related to technology.


6497 Edwards Boulevard

Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2V2 Canada

Phone: 800-787-2344

Fax: 905-564-1382



AtBusiness Communications (Finland, Germany, Russia)

AtBusiness designs and implements end-to-end security solutions, including risk analysis and creation of security policies. It has experience with various security products and technologies such as strong encryption, authentication, firewalls, PKI, and VPN-solutions.

AtBusiness Communications Oyj

Italahdenkatu 19,

FIN-00210 Helsinki


Phone: +358 9 2311 6600

FAX: +358 9 2311 6601



Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation (U.S.A.)

Started in 1994, Atlantic specializes in UNIX, Windows NT, firewalls, network security, and WAN connectivity. It currently resells seven different firewall brands.

Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation

111 Founders Plaza

Suite 900

East Hartford, CT 06108

Phone: 860-291-0851

Fax: 860-291-0847



beTRUSTed (WorldWide)

beTRUSTed's goal is "to help companies to be trusted." It offers a variety of services including authentication, electronic ID, information integrity, privacy, confidential communications, and transaction validation.


Phone: 443-367-7150



Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc. (Worldwide)

Cambridge Technology Partners is a management consulting and systems integration firm. Cambridge's says its approach to information technology, network, systems security (IT) consulting, and systems integration "delivers innovative, quantifiable results to clients in unprecedented time frames within a unique fixed time, fixed price model."

Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc.

8 Cambridge Center

Cambridge, MA 02142

Phone: 617-374-9800

FAX: 617-374-8300


Canaudit, Inc (U.S.A.)

Canaudit specializes in security auditing.

Canaudit, Inc.

PO Box 2110

Simi Valley, CA 93062-2110

Phone: 805-583-3723

Fax: 805-582-2676



CobWeb Applications (U.K.)

CobWeb specializes in Windows 95, Windows NT, network, and Web site security including encryption.

CobWeb Applications

3000 Hilliswood Drive

Hilliswood Business Park


Surrey, U.K. KT16 0RS

Phone: +44 1972 796 031

Fax: +44 1972 796 699



Command Systems (U.S.A.)

Command Systems provides solutions including firewalls, encryption, VPN, and auditing, focusing on the Windows NT platform. Supported firewalls are Digital Altavista, Gauntlet, and Firewall-1.

Command Systems

Pond View Corporate Center

76 Batterson Park Road

Farmington, CT 06032

Phone: 860-409-2000

Fax: 860-409-2099


Computer Associates Services eTrust (Worldwide)

CA Services eTrust provides solutions to address companies'security needs and handles organizations of any size in any location.

CA Services

One Computer Associates Plaza

Islandia, NY 11749

Phone: 800-225-5224


CorpNet Security (U.S.A.)

CorpNet Security focuses on performing professional security audits and assessments. CorpNet Security also has the expertise to assist with intrusion detection systems and virtual private networks.

CorpNet Security

Phone: 888-666-9216



Counterpane Internet Security (U.S.A.)

Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. offers security monitoring services and help with responding to attacks.

Counterpane Internet Security

3031 Tisch Way, Suite 100 PE

San Jose, CA 95128

Phone: 408-260-7500

Fax: 408-556-0889



Cryptek Secure Communications LLC (U.S.A.)

Cryptek manufactures and sells network-security products for both government and commercial use that have been evaluated by the National Security Agency. Product lines include encryption, identification, authentication, access control, auditing, and integrity mechanisms.

Cryptek Secure Communications LLC

14130-C Sullyfield Circle

Chantilly, VA 20151

Phone: 703-802-9300

Fax: 703-818-3706



CygnaCom Solutions (U.S.A.)

CygnaCom Solutions, Inc. consults with the public sector, specializing in PKI, security consulting, security evaluation, and testing.

CygnaCom Solutions

7927 Jones Branch Drive

McLean, VA 22102-3305

Phone: 703-848-0883

Fax: 703-848-0960



Data Fellows (Europe, North America, Asia)

Data Fellows (aka F-Secure, Inc.) develops anti-virus and encryption products (F-Secure and F-PROT Professional product ranges).

Data Fellows

Pyyntile 7, Espoo

PL 24

02231 ESPOO


Phone: +358-9-2520 0700



F-Secure, Inc.

675 N. First Street, 5th Floor

San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 438-6700

FAX: (408) 438-6701

Data Systems West (U.S.A.)

This systems integrator designs firewalls and provides implementation, security audits, policy writing, access control, network and security management, VPN, TACACS+, ICSA Web certification, application development, and e-commerce.

Data Systems West

6110 Variel Avenue, 2nd floor

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Phone: 800-366-4379



DataLynx, Inc. (U.S.A.)

This multilevel security system for UNIX and Windows NT features access control, security response, security alarms, security reporting, user account/password management, and much more.

DataLynx, Inc.

Phone: 858-560-8112

Fax: 858-560-8114



Dataway, Inc. (U.S.A., Ireland)

Dataway provides high-availability, managed virtual private networks (VPNs) and security solutions for the financial Internet market.

Dataway, Inc.

180 Redwood Street

3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: 415-882-8700

Fax: 415-882-8787


67 Lower Baggot Street

Dublin 2


Phone: +353 1 676-0307

Fax: +353 1 676-0309



Delphi Consulting, LLC (U.S.A.)

Delphi is a Java consulting firm with experience in developing security and encryption systems.

Delphi Consultants, LLC

1000 N. Central Expressway Suite 1325

Dallas, TX 75231

Phone: 800-DELPHIS



EAC Network Integrators (U.S.A.)

EAC provides three levels of security service: intensive network and system audits, incident response (both per-incident and on retainer), and proactive security design and implementation.

EAC Network Integrators

56 Quarry Road

Trumbull, CT 06611

Phone: 203-371-4774

FAX: 203-372-4199


ECG Management Consultants (U.S.A.)

Consultants in IT management and security, ECG specializes in services to criminal justice systems.

ECG Management Consultants

1111 3rd Avenue, Suite 2700

Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: 206-689-2200

Fax: 206-689-2201



EGAN Group Pty Limited (Australia)

Calling itself "the professional hacker," EGAN specializes in firewall design and implementation, security audits, penetration testing, policy and standards documentation, and general Internet/Intranet network security.

EGAN Group Pty Limited

Melbourne, Australia

Phone: +61 (0)414 916 632



Energis (U.K.)

Energis provides design, configuration, deployment, and management of secure Internet, intranet, and extranet services.


Contact: Sales Department

The White House, Melbourne Street

Leeds, West Yorkshire

LS2 7PS United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1494 441256

FAX: +44 (0)1494 438319



EnGarde Systems, Inc (U.S.A.)

EnGarde Systems offers assessment consulting and tools for network monitoring and manual intrusion investigation and response.

EnGarde Systems

4848 Tramway Ridge Drive NE

Suite 122

Albuquerque, NM 87111

Phone: 505-346-1760

FAX: 505-346-1719



EnterEdge Technology LLC (U.S.A.)

EnterEdge offers products and tools "to help you find a complete solution to your security issues."


5500 Interstate North Parkway

Suite 440

Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: 770-955-9899

Fax: 770-955-9896


Ernst & Young LLP (U.S.A.)

E&Y's security professionals provide security solutions including Internet security strategy, secured commmerce, single sign-on, security assessments, auditing, penetration analysis, and security benchmarking.

Ernst & Young LLP

Information Security Services

370 17th Street, Suite 4300

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303-628-4344


eSoft (U.S.A., U.K., Singapore)

The manufacturer of the InstaGate firewall, eSoft also conducts Internet security consulting, virtual private networking, security audits, and penetration testing.


295 Interlocken Boulevard, Suite 500

Broomfield, CO 80021

Phone: 888-903-7638

Fax: 303-444-1640



Espiria (U.S.A.)

Espiria is a information security consulting services company that works in the design, implementation, assessment, and management of adaptive security solutions.


123 North Third Street

Suite 604

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612-395-6600



ESTec Systems Corporation (North America, Latin America, Asia)

ESTec provides auditing, assessing, managing, and designing of data security systems and information policies for companies. Current ESTec security products and services include data security management software, information protection seminars, and comprehensive network security audits.

ESTec Systems Corporation

2nd Floor Suite

17510-102 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5S 1K2


Phone: 780-483-7120

Fax: 780-489-9557



Flavio Marcelo Amaral (Brazil)

FMA's services include encryption, proxy, access control, auditing, penetration testing, and installation of security programs.

Flavio Marcelo Amaral

R. CEL. Glicerio Cicero, 55

Natal, RN 59030-040, Brazil

Phone: 55-84-221-0007


FMJ/PADLOCK Computer Security Systems (U.S.A.)

FMJ/PADLOCK is a national/international manufacturer/distributor of security lockdown and cable devices for computers and office equipment. Featuring in-house design and manufacturing, FMJ PADLOCK's line of patented lockdown devices protects servers, scanners, printers, copiers, and faxes, as well as office, medical, and scientific equipment.

FMJ/PADLOCK Computer Security Systems

741 E. 223rd St.

Carson, CA 90745

Phone: 310-549-3221



Galaxy Computer Services, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Galaxy implements various flavors of UNIX firewalls in a heterogeneous environment. Other services include penetration testing and risk assessment, client-server application security in the Windows NT environment, and its network security product, the Information Diode, an accreditable, one-way-only path from low to high networks.

Galaxy Computer Services, Inc.

10366 Battleview Parkway

Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: 703-393-1464


Gemini Computers, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Gemini products provide support for secure system applications using the Al-certified foundation of the Gemini Trusted Network Processor (GTNP) with integrated encryption. Gemini's end-to-end encryption technologies "support the legal foundation of the electronic world in compliance with applicable standards, guidelines, and laws."

Gemini Computers, Inc.

P.O. Box 222417

Carmel, CA 93922-2417

Phone: 831-373-850

Fax: 831-373-5792



Getronics Government Services (U.S.A.)

Getronics Government Services offers the XTS-300 NSA-evaluated B3 Trusted Computer System, the Secure Automated Guard Environment (SAGE), and trusted application development services. Getronics'customers include the NSA, DoD, Army, Air Force, Navy, State Department, FBI, DOE, IRS, NATO, and the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Norway.

Getronics Government Services

7900 Westpark Drive MS 700

McLean, VA 22102-4299

Phone: 703-827-3000




Getronics Government Services is one of the providers of TEMPEST protection technology, which prevent eavesdropping of electronic emissions that leak from a monitor (or computer).


GlobalCenter (U.S.A.)

This ISP offers dial-up, dedicated, and server co-location services; security consulting on firewalls, security policies, encryption; virtual private networks; spam detection and cancellation; junk email filtering; and abuse prevention.


141 Caspian Court

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Phone: 800-530-6557

Fax: 408-543-0074


Global Privacy Solutions (U.S.A.)

Global Privacy Solutions provides systems for the protection and privacy of consumer electronic data and patients'medical records.

Global Privacy Solutions

Crystal Plaza, Suite N303

2111 Jefferson Davis Highway

Arlington, VA 22202

Phone: 703-418-1956

Fax: 703-418-0224



Graham Information Security and Management Services (Australia)

Graham Information Security and Management Services offers a wide range of security services including consulting and training on Internet, intranet, and workstation security. It specializes in cryptography, management of associated protocols and keys, access control, and user authentication and verification.

Graham Information Security and Management Services

Suite 12a Tamborine Plaza

Beacon Road

North Tamborine, Queensland, 4272, Australia

Contact: Dr. Ian G. Graham

Phone: 61 7 55452200



Grand Designs Ltd./ (U.S.A.)

The principals of Grand Designs Ltd. each have more than 20 years'experience in the areas of networking and software engineering, secure networking, and systems security including work for military subcontracts. Its unit offers Web hosting and secure Internet access through virtual private networks.

Grand Designs Ltd./

4917 Evergreen Way, Suite 10

Everett, WA 98203

Phone: 206-710-9006


URL: or

Gregory R. Block (U.K.)

A UNIX/Windows NT security and networking consultant with 10 years of experience in the field, Block works in tiger-team analyses, firewalls, topology, design, and implementation at all levels. Finger for PGP key and mail for further information.

Gregory R. Block

48A Hendon Lane

London, N3 1TT U.K.


The GSR Consulting Group Inc. (Canada)

The GSR Consulting Group Inc. provides a full range of information security and disaster recovery services.

The GSR Consulting Group Inc.

1255 University Street, Suite 1107

Montreal, Quebec H3B 3W7

Phone: 514-876-4040

Fax: 514-876-4009



Guardent Inc (North America, U.K.)

Guardent offers full-lifecycle security solutions.

Guardent Inc

75 Third Avenue

Waltham, MA 02451

Phone: 888-413-4344

Fax: 781-577-6600


Hyperon Consulting (U.S.A.)

Hyperon Consulting is a high-technology company that provides Internet and electronic commerce security solutions to industry. Hyperon is CISSP certified and familiar with banking regulations.

Hyperon Consulting

3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1245

Wilmington, DE 19808

Phone: 302-996-3047

Fax: 302-996-5818


I.T. NetworX Ltd. (Ireland)

A specialist in Internet/intranet security on UNIX and Windows NT since 1984, IT NetworX Ltd offers firewalls, penetration testing, design, consultancy, products, and freeware configuration.

I.T. NetworX Ltd.

Stonebridge House

Shankill, Co.



Contact: Michael Ryan

Phone: +353-(01)28 27 233

Fax: +353-(01)28 27 230



Infoconcept GmbH (Germany)

Infoconcept GmbH is a Raptor Security Partner, ISS Partner, and IBM Business Partner, working in firewall installation and support, penetration testing, security consulting, and integration to the Internet.

Infoconcept GmbH

Moerscherstrasse 17-25

76275 Ettlingen


Contact: Thorsten Bruchaeuser

Phone: +49-07243-5380-0



INFOSEC Engineering (U.S.A.)

INFOSEC Engineering provides Fortune 500 corporations with computer and network security solutions.

INFOSEC Engineering

Phone: 978-256-4494



Infosecure Australia (Australia)

Infosecure Australia provides security policy development, security policy implementation, penetration testing, security evaluation, and computer security research.

Infosecure Australia

PO Box 7104

Cloisters Square, Western Australia 6850

Phone: 041 4636732



Ingenieurb ro Dr.-Ing Markus a Campo (Germany)

Ingenieurb ro Dr.-Ing Markus a Campo provides many security services including security auditing, penetration tests, firewalls, network performance, consulting, and network analysis.

Ingenieurb ro Dr.-Ing Markus a Campo

F rsterstr. 25

D-52072 Aachen


Contact: Markus a Campo

Phone: +49 241 / 15 80 80

Fax: +49 241 / 15 80 89



Integrity Sciences, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Integrity Sciences, Inc. provides consulting and software engineering services for secure networks, focusing on strong password authentication protocols that are immune to network attack.

Integrity Sciences, Inc.

Westboro, MA 01581

Contact: David Jablon

Phone: 508-898-9024

FAX: 508-561-1953



InterNet Guide Service, Inc. (U.S.A.)

InterNet Guide Service is a consulting and coaching firm specializing in Internet strategy, security, and digital commerce. A member of NCSA, InterNet is a certified IBM firewall expert.

InterNet Guide Service, Inc.

90 Stony Brook Road

Westford, MA 01886

Phone: 978-392-3650

FAX: 978-392-5878



Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS) (U.S.A.)

ISS is a supplier of network security assessment tools, providing comprehensive auditing, monitoring, and response software. The company's flagship product, Internet Scanner, is a leading commercial attack simulation and security audit tool worldwide.

Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS)

6303 Barfield Road

Atlanta, GA 30328 (Corporate Headquarters)

Phone: 404-236-2600

Fax: 404-236-2626



Interpact, Inc./http://Infowar.Com (U.S.A.)

With major corporate and governmental clients on three continents, Interpact provides security design, architecture, modeling, and penetration testing.

Interpact, Inc./http://Infowar.Com

11511 Pine Street

Seminole, FL 33772

Contact: Winn Schwartai

Phone: 813-393-6600

Fax: 813-393-6361



Jerboa, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Jerboa helps clients with UNIX, firewalls (all vendors), product reviews, consulting, topology, policy development, product integration, compatibility testing, training, seminars, business planning, Web technologies, encryption, and tunneling.

Jerboa, Inc.

P.O. Box 382648

Cambridge, MA 02238

Phone: 617-492-8084

Fax: 617-492-8089



Karl Nagel & Company

Karl Nagel & Company's staff specializes in electronic commerce assurance and consulting services.

Karl Nagel & Company

P.O. Box 3255

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Phone: 310-546-6138

Fax: 310-546-7048



Kinetic, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Kinetic provides Internet-related open systems and computer security consulting, UNIX security audits, firewall design, and secure off-site Web management/housing facilities.

Kinetic, Inc.

289 East Fifth Street

Suite 205

St. Paul, MN 55101

Phone: 651-848-0477

Fax: 651-848-0478


Learning Tree International (U.S.A.)

Learning Tree provides hands-on courses on UNIX security, Windows NT security, Internet/intranet security, and firewalls, plus more than 130 other information technology topics. A free course catalog is available by telephone.

Learning Tree International

1805 Library Street

Reston, VA 20190-5630

Contact: Linda Trude

Phone: 800-843-8733

Fax: 800-709-6405



Livermore Software Labs (Worldwide)

Network consultant LSLI is the maker of the PORTUS Secure Firewall for AIX, HP, SOLARIS, and Apple.

Livermore Software Labs

1830 S. Kirkland Suite 205

Houston, TX 77077

Phone: 281-759-3274

Fax: 281-759-8558



Lucent Worldwide Services Security Consulting (U.S.A. and UK)

Lucent Worldwide Services offers businesses a comprehensive suite, customized to meet specific business missions, needs, and objectives, while maximizing ROI and resource utilization. Support is also provided for multivendor product applications.

Lucent Worldwide Services Security Consulting

1213 Innsbruck Drive

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Phone: 650-318-1000

Fax: 650-318-1001


Lucent Worldwide Services Security Consulting


Malvern House

14/18 Bell Street 2nd Floor

Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1BR

Phone: 44 1628 50 30 00

Fax: 44 1628 50 30 01

Lunux Network Security Services (U.S.A.)

Lunux services is a consulting firm that focuses on high tech companies needing network security.

Lunux Network Security Services

Los Angeles, CA



Lurhq Corporation (U.S.A.)

Lurhq is a network security organization specializing in firewalls, Web-server security, electronic commerce implementations, and penetration testing.

Lurhq Corporation

850 Hwy 501

PO Box 2861

Conway, SC 29526

Phone: 843-347-1075

FAX: 843-347-1076



marchFIRST (U.S.A.)

This firm offers a wide range of services including enterprise security.


311 S. Wacker Drive Suite 35000

Chicago, IL 60605-6621

Contact: Tucker McDonagh, Managing Director

Phone: 312-922-9200

Fax: 313-913-3020


Maxon Services (Canada)

A network security systems integrator/consultant, Maxon works on Windows NT, UNIX, Cisco, Checkpoint Firewall 1, and Security Dynamics Ace Server.

Maxon Services

Contact: Eric Tremblay

8550 Marie-Victorin

Brossard, Quebec

Canada, J4X 1A1

Phone: 514-466-2422

Fax: 514-466-2113


Merdan Group, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Merdan Group, Inc. is a small firm specializing in security engineering services and security products.

Merdan Group, Inc

4617 Ruffner Street

San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 800-608-6029

Fax: 858-279-8893



Merilus Technologies (U.S.A.)

Merilus Technologies provides solutions for connecting corporate computer networks to the Internet securely. These solutions include hardened firewalls, virtual private networking, e-commerce implementation, high-speed bandwidth allocation and shaping, and custom Linux systems.

Merilus Technologies

46165 Yale Road

Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P2

Phone: 604-792-0100

Fax: 604-792-0911



Milvets System Technology, Inc (U.S.A.)

Specializing in UNIX and Windows NT-based systems, Milvets offers systems integration of network security products and reseller agreements with market-leading firewall vendors.

Milvets System Technology, Inc.

4600 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 104

Lanham, MD 20706

Contact: Greg Simpson

Phone: 301-731-9130

Fax: 301-731-4773



MIS Corporate Defence Solutions (Holland and U.K.)

MIS Corporate Defence Solutions offers a full range of consulting services including managed security services and expert security consultancy services.

MIS Corporate Defence Solutions

MIS House

Hermitage Court

Hermitage Lane

Maidstone, Kent

England ME16 9NT

Phone: 01622 727400

Fax: 01622 28580



Myxa Corporation (U.S.A.)

In business since 1976, Myxa is a technology-services company that deals with UNIX, client/server, and networking (intranet and Internet), including firewalls and security.

Myxa Corporation

654 Red Lion Road, Suite 200

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Phone: 215-947-9900

Fax: 215-935-0235



NetraCorp LLC. (U.S.A.)

NetraCorp LLC supplies corporations with a certification level after meeting strict standards.

NetraCorp LLC

15050 W. 138th Street #3406

Olatha, KS 66063-3406

Phone: 816-898-3448

FAX: 978-285-5909


Nett & So GmbH (Germany)

Nett & So GmbH provides services including firewalls (TIS-Gauntlet, Raptor Eagle, Firewall-1), virus scanning with firewall systems, PGP, special solutions for corporations, UNIX, and Windows NT. They are Raptor Systems certified.

Nett & So GmbH

Contact: Bogdan Pelc

Friedbergstrasse 29, 14057

Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 (30) 3227572



Network Associates, Inc.

Network Associates conducts confidential network security surveys; vulnerability analysis; penetration testing; product and security policy development and review; encryption consulting; software assessments; architectural and diagnostic security analysis; and firewall configuration.

Network Associates, Inc.

Contact: Alice Westerfield

3965 Freedom Circle

Santa Carla, CA 95054

Phone: 770-492-7807



Network Security Assurance Group (U.S.A.)

The Network Security Assurance Group provides data and network security auditing, business risk assessments, incident response services, and general information security consulting.

Network Security Assurance Group

Magnificent Mile Center

980 North Michigan Avenue

14th Floor

Chicago, IL 60611-4501

Phone: 877-NSA-GROUP

Fax: 312-214-3510



Network Technology Solutions, Inc. (U.S.A.)

NTS specializes in providing management and security solutions for corporate information systems.

Network Technology Solutions, Inc.

4125 Mohr Avenue, Suite 6

Pleasanton, CA 94566

Phone: 209-839-0936

Fax: 209-839-0936



NH&A (U.S.A.)

NH&A specializes in anti-virus, security, and network management.


577 Isham Street, Suite 2-B

New York City, NY 10034

Contact: Norman Hirsch

Phone: 212-304-9660

Fax: 212-304-9759



NovaTech Internet Security (Australia)

NovaTech is an Australian Internet and Network Security Consultation firm specializing in TCP/IP networks and Secure Internet Access.

NovaTech Internet Security

P.O. Box 487

Ermingham, NSW 2115


Phone: +61 (0) 418 227646



Pacificnet Internet Services (U.S.A.)

Pacificnet offers managed Internet security through co-location and custom configuration in firewalls, logging, auditing, investigation, and analysis.


19725 Sherman Way, Suite 395

Canoga Park, CA 91306

Phone: 818-464-2600



Pangeia Informatica LTDA (Brazil)

Pangeia Informatica provides solutions including firewalls, encryption, VPN, access control, auditing, penetration testing, development, security free/commercial tools (like chkexploit, chk{ root,demon} kit, Coordenation 2 security lists cert-br and seguranca).

SRTVS 701 Ed. Palacio do Radio II S/304

Brasilia, DF, 70340000, Brazil

Contact: Nelson Murilo

Phone: +55 61 223-5625

Email: or


Pentex Net, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Pentex Net, Inc. is a provider of every aspect of security, from firewalls and physical access control to penetration testing.

Pentex Net, Inc.

805 W. Oregon Street

Urbana, IL 61801

Contact: Dr. John C. A. Bambenek

Phone: 217-239-3760



Predictive Systems (U.S.A.)

Predictive Systems'services include assessment with asset and risk analysis, policy development, design and implementation, public-key infrastructures, security certification, incident response, and digital forensics.

Predictive Systems

417 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-659-3400

FAX: 212-659-3499


PSINet Consulting Solutions (Worldwide)

One of the world's largest provider's of end-to-end IT solutions, PSINet Consulting Solutions focuses on the middle market with a concentration in five industries: transportation, financial services, manufacturing, government/public sector, and telecommunications.

PSINet Consulting Solutions

44983 Knoll Square

Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: 703-726-4100

Fax: 703-726-4200



R.C. Consulting, Inc. (Canada)

Providing enterprise-level security consulting for Windows NT environments, RC also hosts and moderates the NTBugTraq mailing list, dedicated to examining exploits and bugs in Windows NT.

R.C. Consulting, Inc.

Kenrei Court, R.R. #1

Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 4R1


Contact: Russ Cooper

Phone: 705-878-3405

Fax: 705-878-1804



Rainbow Technologies, Spectra Division (U.S.A.)

Rainbow Technologies'services include security and virus assessments, penetration testing, firewall verification, disaster-recovery planning, pbs and war-dialing attacks, and security- policy development.

Rainbow Technologies, Spectra Division. (MSC)

P.O. Box 6028

Playa del Rey, CA 90296

8055 W. Manchester Avenue, Suite 450

Playa del Rey, CA 90293

Phone: 310-306-1365

Fax: 310-305-1493



Ritter Software Engineering (U.S.A.)

A developer of patented and patent-pending ciphering technologies, Ritte also provides custom cipher designs, implementations, and consulting.

Ritter Software Engineering

2609 Choctaw Trail

Austin, TX 78745

Contact: Terry Ritter, P.E.

Phone/Fax: 512-892-0494



Saffire Systems (U.S.A.)

Saffire Systems specializes in secure software development, consulting, and systems integration. Saffire Systems provides engineering services (architecture, design, implementation, and testing), evaluation support services, secure network evaluations, and Windows NT security training.

Saffire Systems

P.O. Box 11154

Champaign, IL 61826-1154

Contact: Michelle A. Ruppel

Phone: 217-359-7763

Fax: 217-359-8753


SAGUS Security, Inc. (Canada)

SAGUS offers products to secure desktops, servers, gateways, and mainframes.

SAGUS Security, Inc.

180 Elgin Street, Suite 600

Ontario, K2P 2K3, Canada

Contact: Natasha Hollywood

Phone: 888-391-9922



Schlumberger Network Solutions (U.S.A.)

Schlumberger's services include Firewall-1, penetration testing, security audits, tiger teams, encryption, virtual private networks, and Firewall-1 CCSE training.

Schlumberger Network Solutions

5599 San Felipe, Suite 400

Houston, TX 77056

555 Industrial Boulevard

Sugarland, TX 77478

Phone: 713-513-3187



SecTek, Inc. (U.S.A.)

SecTek provides services INFOSEC, COMPSEC, physical security, access control, risk assessments, penetration tests, firewall design/implementation, intrusion detection, and intranets.

SecTek, Inc.

208 Elden Street, Suite 201

Herndon, VA 22070

Contact: Bruce Moore

Phone: 703-834-0507

Fax: 703-834-0214



Security First Technologies, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Developers of secure networks for government and industry for more than 10 years, Security First also handles B1 security, CMW, trusted operating systems, UNIX, Windows NT, secure network design and implementation, security auditing, penetration studies, authentication, and encryption software products (VirtualVault, HannaH, Troy).

Security First Technologies, Inc.

3390 Peachtree Road, Suite 1700

Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone: 404-812-6200


Security Sciences (Europe, Middle East, North America, Africa)

Security Sciences offers penetration tests and audits, privacy policy and practice reviews, and competitive analysis overview of businesses' Internet presence.

Security Sciences

Phone: 518-668-9385



Siam Relay Ltd. (Thailand)

Siam Relay Ltd. is Asia's first security consulting and electronic commerce solutions provider. Complete turnkey electronic commerce solutions are available, as well as penetration testing, network analysis, firewalls, security policies, auditing and reporting, and training.

Siam Relay Ltd.

898/6 Level 5 SV City Office Tower 2

Rama III Road

Bangkok, 10120, Thailand

Phone: +662-682-9508

FAX: 662-682-5675


URL: (Canada) offers ESP-Link/NSS, which can police 64,000 TCP and UDP ports, and delivers GUI-based point-and-click functionality.

1 Yorkdale Road, Suite 600

Toronto, ON, Canada M6A 3A1

Phone: 416-787-9884

FAX: 416-789-3457



SmallWorks, Inc. (U.S.A.)

SmallWorks is a software-development and consulting group specializing in Internet security packages, including firewalls, IPSEC implementations, and high-security Internet connectivity solutions. SmallWorks developed the TACACS+, CiscoSecure UNIX Server for Cisco Systems.

SmallWorks, Inc.

4417 Ridge Oak Drive

Austin, TX 78731

Contact: Steve Bagwell, Director of Sales

Phone: 512-338-0619

Fax: 512-689-5852



STRATESEC, Inc. (U.S.A., WorldWide)

STRATESEC is a security provider for medium-to-large commercial and governmental organizations. It offers a broad range of services including consulting and planning; engineering and design; systems integration; and maintenance and technical support.


105 Carpenter Drive Suite C

Sterling, VA 20164

Phone: 703-709-8686

Fax: 703-709-8632



Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Sword & Shield is a security consulting firm specializing in the application of computer and network security technology.

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security

10301A Technology Drive

Knoxville, TN 37932-3342

Phone: 865-777-5500

Fax: 865-777-5599



Symantec Security Services (Worldwide)

Symantec Security Services provides comprehensive consulting services to organizations around the globe, including security education and training, security assessment, technology implementation, and managed security services.

Symantec Security Services

Cupertino, CA

Phone: (800)441-7234


Sysman Computers (P) Ltd. (India)

Sysman offers risk assessment, security planning, systems audit, physical security, logical security, access control, penetration testing, firewalls, and encryption.

Sysman Computers (P) Ltd.

Suite # 7, Habib Terrace, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Lalbaug,

Post Box 6023 Mumbai, India 400 012

Phone: +91-22-470-1122 Fax: +91-22-417-6207



Sytex, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Sytex claims that the FBI is among the clients taking its hands-on network security and intrusion detection/response training. Other services include firewalls and virtual private networks, computer forensics, covert communications, and security software development.

Sytex, Inc.

22 Bailiwick Office Campus

Doylestown, PA 18901-2466

Phone: 215-348-3395

FAX: 215-348-5512


URL: (U.S.A.) is a consulting and technology solutions firm specializing in information security.

5001 Lincoln Drive West

Suite E

Marlton, NJ 08053

Phone: 856-797-6758

Fax: 856-797-6788



Triumph Technologies, Inc. (U.S.A.)

Triumph Technologies' Internet Security Division provides enterprise wide security services that include turn-key firewall solutions (UNIX/Windows NT), security assessments, IP addressing re/designing, and integration of specialized products, such as SMTP mail content management.

Triumph Technologies, Inc.

130 New Boston Street

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: 781-994-3000

Fax: 781-994-3010

Email: info@


Utimaco SafeWare AG(Worldwide)

Utimaco SafeWare AG provides many services, including virtual private network software for Windows 95, Windows NT, and Solaris; and strong European implementation of Crypto algorithms; and GSS authentication.

Utimaco SafeWare AG

D-61440 Oberursel near Frankfurt a.M.


Phone: + 49 (61 71) 9 17-0



Verio (U.S.A.)

Verio manages firewall services (UNIX and Windows NT), vulnerability assessment, security incident response, virtual private networking, and security awareness training.


Phone: 800-438-8374



Visionary Corporate Computing Concepts (U.S.A.)

Visionary offers UNIX and firewall solutions, along with research and penetration testing, risk assessments, intrusion detection, remote system monitoring, emergency problem handling, consulting, and outsourcing.

Visionary Corporate Computing Concepts

1509 Lady Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803-733-7333

Fax: 803-733-5888


URL: (U.S.A.)'s Platinum Election System, the online voting system designed for public elections, might be the solution to the voting problems that occurred in the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

3101 Northup Way Suite 250

Bellevue, WA 98004

Voice: 425-739-2509

Phone: 888-45-SOUND

Fax: 206-329-4351



WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. (U.S.A.)

The WatchGuard Security System delivers advanced, next-generation network security with the ease of a plug-in appliance. WatchGuard calls its Firebox II platform "scalable with high-performance features for large networks, managed security services, and electronic policy distribution."

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

505 Fifth Avenue S. Suite 500

Seattle, WA 98104

Contact: Frances Bigley, PR Manager

Phone: 206-521-8340

FAX: 206-521-8341



WorldCom (U.K.)

WorldCom/UUNET has developed a range of security services specifically designed to help clients use the Internet "safely and with confidence."


14 Grays Inn Road

London, WC1X 8HN, U.K.

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7675 5000

FAX: +44 (0) 20 7675 5711




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