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36. Find Items with Similar Filenames

Before You Begin

33 About Finding Items in the Catalog

If you know something about the filename of the media file(s) you're looking for, but you're not quite sure of the actual filename, you might still be able to locate the file. You simply type a bit of text, and if the filename of any item in the catalog contains those same characters (in uppercase or lowercase), in the order in which you entered them, the photo well will display the thumbnail for that item.


You can also search for letters in the filename extension. For example, to locate all images saved in TIFF format, enter the search text .tif, which will match images that use either the .TIFF or .TIF extension. Notice that, unlike searches you might conduct in other programs where you must enter an asterisk before the filename extension (for example, *.tif), you do not use asterisks here.

You can't search for a creation based on its filename because it doesn't have onecreations exist only within the catalog and not as separate files (at least, not until you save them manually as a PDF, if you do that). You can add a caption, note, or marker to help you search for a particular creation. See 27 Attach a Marker to an Item and 31 Add a Text Caption or Note.

For example, if you know that an image has the word spring in its name, you can search for the text spring and get a list of items that contain that text, such as Spring 2003-01, Jim's springer spaniel, Katie's spring recital, and so on.


Choose Find, By Filename

In the Organizer, select Find, By Filename from the menu bar. The Find by Filename dialog box appears.


Enter Search Text and Click OK

Type the portion of the filename you know in the Find items with filename containing box. For example, type jan to search for files such as January Snow, Jan's new car, and janyce 02. The text you enter here is not case sensitive, nor does it have to be a complete word. If you typed Erin, for example, files whose names include Katerina are considered matches because the word Katerina contains the characters erin. Click OK.


View the Result


To search for items that contain a particular word or words in their caption or note, see 37 Find Items with the Same Caption or Note.

In a moment, the photo well displays only those items whose filenames include the text you entered somewhere in the filename or file extension. Here, I typed the word snow in the text box and the Organizer displayed several photos, videos, and audio files whose names contained those letters. I got quite a variety of items as a result of my search, including a scan of a snowflake my daughter made, several photos from a Christmas card with a snowy scene, a squirrel in the snow, and an old photo of me building a snow fort. Notice that the Find bar displays the search criteria. To redisplay all items in the photo well, click the Back to All Photos button on the Find bar.

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