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37. Find Items with the Same Caption or Note

Before You Begin

24 About Organizing Items

31 Add a Text Caption or Note

33 About Finding Items in the Catalog

Ideally, the best way to ensure that items are easily located by category is to use tag or collection markers to group items, and then to search for items using those markers. However, markers might not tell the whole story about an image, audio file, movie, or creation. Every item in the catalog can be annotated by way of its own note, which is a textual notation of up to 1,023 characters. Notes for an item appear in the Properties pane and can consist of any extra description that helps you recall the subject matter or purpose of a particular item. If your catalog contains scans of printed photos bound in albums, for instance, you could use item notes to store the identity and location of the album to which each scanned photo belongs.

Cataloged media files can also contain text captions. A caption appears below an item in Single Photo View, and captions can be made to appear in various creations under each image or movie. If using markers to locate a particular item is not working for you, you can have the Organizer search for any passage or bit of text you might have used in an item's caption or note.


The Organizer searches both captions and notes for matches to the text you supply. You cannot instruct the program to search only through one or the other.


Choose Find, By Caption or Note

In the Organizer, select Find, By Caption or Note from the menu bar. The Find by Caption or Note dialog box appears.


Enter Text to Search For

Type the known portion of the caption or note you want to search for in the Find items with caption or note box. The Organizer will search both captions and notes for this text.


The search is not case sensitive, so don't worry about that when entering the search text.


Choose How Matches Are Determined and Click OK

Select the Match only the beginning of words in Captions and Notes option to make the Organizer search for the text you enter at the beginning of words only. For example, the search text Erin will not match the word Katerina. Selecting this option might speed up the search process.

To search for matches throughout all characters (and not just those at the beginning of words), select the Match any part of any word in Captions and Notes option. With this option selected, the search text Erin does match the word Katerina. Click OK to begin the search process.


View the Result

In a moment, the photo well displays only those items that match the search criteria. I needed to locate an image of my daughter skating at a park one day while we were visiting her granddad. The image had apparently been tagged only with her tag and not Granddad's, which I discovered after a search using both their tags and just his tag didn't produce the results I wanted, and a search using her tag alone resulted in too large a listing to browse through. So, I searched the notes and captions for any item that contained the word granddad, and came up with several matches, including the photo I was looking for.


The Organizer has no tools for searching through the contents of an audio caption. However, you can search exclusively for items that have audio captions attached to them, as explained in 35 Find Items of the Same Media Type.

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