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28. Delete a Marker, Category, or Group

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24 About Organizing Items

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26 Create a Tag or Collection Marker

To keep the items in the catalog organized, you create tags, collections, categories, and groups, and then use their markers to identify the content or purpose of individual items. Occasionally, after creating a marker, you'll realize that its purpose overlaps other markers, and that it simply isn't needed. The same thing might happen with the categories, subcategories, groups, and subgroups you createat some point, they might no longer be needed. Luckily, it's easy to remove unwanted markers, categories, and groups from the Organize Bin. After a marker is deleted, its name and icon no longer appear on the Organize Bin. Also, the marker is automatically removed from any items that might have been using it; the items themselves are not deleted. Likewise, if you remove a category or group, any markers within that category or group are also removed from the Organize Bin; the category, group, tag, and collection markers are also removed from any items that use them.


You can't remove the Favorites or Hidden tag categories. You can remove other standard Organizer categories if you like, such as Events or Other.

If you want to remove a marker from a item or group of items, but not remove it from the Organize Bin, just select the items, right-click, choose either choose Remove Tag or Remove from Collection from the context menu, and select the marker you want to remove from the list that appears. The marker is removed from the selected items, but it remains in the Organize Bin where you can use it for other items.


Click Tags or Collections Tab

If you want to delete a tag or a tag category or subcategory you no longer use, in the Organizer, click the Tags tab on the Organize Bin. To delete a collectio marker or a collection group or subgroup, click the Collections tab instead.


Select Marker, Category, or Group to Delete

In the Organize Bin, click the marker, category, or group you no longer need.


Click Delete

Click the Delete button located at the top of the Organize Bin (it looks like a trash can). You'll be asked to confirm the deletion; click OK to continue.


If the purpose of a marker or markers overlaps with the purpose of another, you can merge the markers. Select the markers you want to merge into a single marker, right-click the selection, and choose Merge Tags or Merge Collections from the context menu. Select the tag or collection you want to keep from those listed in the dialog box that appears and click OK. Items that use the tags or collections you didn't keep are assigned the tag or collection you did keep.

You can delete multiple markers or collection groups by simply clicking the first one, then pressing Ctrl and clicking all the other markers or groups you want to remove. You cannot remove multiple tag categories or subcategories in one steprepeat these steps to remove additional categories or subcategories.


View the Result

The selected marker, category, or group is removed from the Organize Bin and from any associated items. If you removed a category or group, any subcategories, subgroups, or markers within the deleted category or group are also removed from the Organize Bin. These additional markers are also removed from associated items.

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