Section 22.4. Ruby Change Requests

22.3. Blogs and Online Magazines

I can only assume that the blogging trend is still on the increase. I don't foresee blogging becoming ridiculously passe within the life span of this book.

There are many Ruby-related blogs. Search engines will find them all. Here are a few blogs by core Rubyists:

  • Dave Thomas:

  • Chad Fowler:

  • Jim Weirich:

  • Jamis Buck:

  • Nathaniel Talbott:

  • why the lucky stiff:

A few centralized sites link to or aggregate the content from the individual Ruby blogs. These are new enough that I won't link to them herethe list will be different by the time you read this.

At least two online journals or zines are devoted to Ruby. The oldest, The Rubyist (, is a wiki-based publication in Japanese. It provides good incentive to learn Japanese.

Artima ( hosts Ruby Code & Style (, a well-done zine that shows great promise. There is talk about new online magazines, but anything printed here would quickly become out of date.

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