Section 22.3. Blogs and Online Magazines

22.2. Newsgroup and Mailing Lists

The ruby-talk mailing list is probably the oldest English-language forum for Ruby programmers. The Usenet newsgroup comp.lang.ruby is somewhat newer, having started late in the twentieth century (May 2000).

Early in the history of the newsgroup, a "mirror" was established (the creation of Dave Thomas) to echo posts back and forth between the newsgroup and the ruby-talk list. Barring occasional technical problems, the two lists should be identical from that point on.

The FAQ for comp.lang.ruby covers basic netiquette and an introduction to the group. It is posted once a month and kept online at until further notice.

The ruby-talk list is searchable online at (along with some other related lists such as ruby-core and ruby-math).

There are numerous project-related lists out therein fact, too many to name them all. In nearly every case, a major Ruby project will be listed in the RAA or at or both. These are the two best starting points in searching for information about a mailing list or a project's main home page.

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