Selecting Accounts to Include in Your Net Worth

By default, Quicken uses all the accounts that you have set up to determine your net worth. You can add and remove the accounts you want Quicken to use when determining your net worth. Removing an account that you don't want to use for your net worth does not remove it from Quicken. You are simply telling Quicken that you don't want it to use the financials for that account when it calculates your net worth. By changing the accounts you want used for your net worth, you can make better financial decisions about your savings, investments, debt, and so on by seeing which accounts are working for you or against you.

Select Accounts to Include in Your Net Worth

On the Net Worth tab in the Financial Overview center, click the Manage Accounts link. The Account List window opens.

Select the boxes in the Hide in Quicken column for each account you want to hide from account lists and net worth totals. Or, to remove a hidden account, select the checked box for that account.

Select the boxes in the Don't Include in Totals column for each account you want to exclude from your net worth totals. Or, to include totals for an account, remove the check mark by clicking it.

When you are finished selecting or removing accounts for your net worth totals, click Close.

Did You Know?

There are other ways to access the Account List window. You can access the Account List window by clicking My Accounts on the toolbar or by clicking Customize on the account bar.

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