Creating New Quicken Files

It is recommended that you create separate Quicken files if you intend to track expenses, assets, taxes, or other financial information for a business, for volunteer work, or for someone else. You can also keep separate Quicken files to keep your financial information separate from that of your spouse; however, it is not entirely necessary. If you share some of your bills and finances with your spouse but want to keep only certain accounts separate, you can hide the accounts, such as certain bills you don't want included in joint financial areas. We will talk more about hiding accounts in Chapter 3. For now, let's walk through creating a new Quicken file.

Create a New Quicken File

Click File, New.

Select New Quicken File and click OK.

TIMESAVER You can quickly open files you have recently worked with. To open a file that you recently worked on, click the File menu and select a filename from the bottom of the menu. Files are numbered in the order in which they were last opened.

To change where to save the file, click the Save In drop-down menu and select the new location.

To create a new folder, click the Create New Folder button and type the name of the new folder.

Click in the File Name text box and type the name of the new file. You do not have to type the .qdf extension. Quicken automatically adds it for you.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

You can name and store Quicken files logically. It's a good idea to keep your Quicken files in separate folders and name them logically (for example, Mom's Finances). This will help you identify and manage your Quicken files more efficiently.

Set up your new file by using Express Setup, just as you did when you set up your first Quicken file in Chapter 1, "Setting Up Quicken."

If you do not want to go through Express Setup at this time, click Skip Setup. You can open the new file at another time to set it up.

See Also

See Chapter 1, "Setting Up Quicken," on page 5 for more information on using Quicken New User Setup.

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