Registering Quicken

After you install Quicken, you should automatically be prompted to register it. If you have already used a previous version of Quicken, your information is transferred to the new version. You must register Quicken before you can use any of the online features, such as online banking; downloading transactions for your investments, credit cards, and so on; or features. As you use this version of Quicken, over time, you may also be prompted to install the free updates.

Register Quicken

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet and click Register Now. Quicken connects to the registration site.

Did You Know?

You can register Quicken at a later time. If you are not able to register Quicken at the time you are prompted to do so, click Register Later on the Product Registration window (shown in step 1). You can complete the registration when you are prompted again; for example, when you try to use an online feature. Or you can access and complete the registration by selecting Register Quicken from the Help menu. If you have already registered Quicken, this menu option does not appear.

Complete the required registration information. Required fields are indicated by a red dot next to the field title.

Complete the optional questions and click Register.

If you already have a login ID and password for, type your member ID and password and click Sign In.

If you don't have a Quicken ID and password, review the Create an Account section, click Continue and follow the directions to obtain a Quicken ID and password.

Did You Know? allows remote access to your accounts. is a secure Quicken site where you can access basic account information, such as your balances. You can obtain a login ID and password to utilize this feature by referring to the Create an Account section shown in step 5. After you're set up, you can access your account information from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. Refer to "Setting up Remote Access to Your Accounts" on pageSetting up Remote Access to Your Accounts" on page 53 for more information.

Review the tools and features you will be able to use with Quicken and and click Finished. If you set up any online accounts, Quicken updates your account information and displays the results in the One Step Update Summary window.

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