Reviewing and Completing the Setup

You should now have your checking, income, credit card, bills, and expenses information entered in Express Setup. If not, you have the opportunity to review it all, make changes, if necessary, and get started using Quicken.

Review and Complete the Setup

From the Summary section of the setup, review all your information.

To change information about any of the accountsfor example, the name of an accountclick in the appropriate text box and change the information.

To remove an account, click Delete next to the item you want to remove. A message appears, asking if you want to delete the item.

Click Yes to remove it or click No to keep it.

To add a new account, click Add Row and enter the account information.

When you are finished reviewing and making changes, click Next Step

Click Finish.

Did You Know?

This is not your last chance to make changes to all of your setup information. You can always add, change, or delete information in Quicken either from the Quicken Home Page or from the accounts. In addition, you can click Setup on the toolbar and go back into the Express Setup.

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Quicken 2007 On Demand
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