Using Quick Notes

Imagine that you are writing a critical report for your manager when a great idea for an unrelated project occurs to you. With a single click, you open Quick Notes ”a miniature notes window ”where you record the idea, and within seconds, you return to your report. When your report is finished, you get caught up in other tasks and forget about your great idea. But the next time you open your OneNote notebook, your Quick Note is there to remind you!

In this exercise, you will record your manager s answers to questions you ve posed in a phone call. You plan to incorporate these notes with the others you ve already taken while preparing for The Garden Company s presence at an upcoming flower and garden show.

USE the Flower and Garden Show notebook in the practice file folder for this topic. This practice file is located in the  My Documents\Microsoft Press\Office 2003 SBS\Mini folder and can also be accessed by clicking Start/All Programs/Microsoft Press/Microsoft Office System 2003 Step by Step .

BE SURE TO start your computer, but don t start OneNote before beginning this exercise.

  1. In the system tray on the Windows task bar (near the clock), click the Microsoft OneNote icon.


    If the OneNote icon does not appear in your system tray, open OneNote from the Start menu, and then minimize the window. The icon will then appear in your system tray. You do not have to have OneNote open in order to take Side Notes, but opening OneNote places the icon in the system tray. The icon remains there until you specifically remove it ”even when you close OneNote.

    Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 opens.

    click to expand
  2. Type Get featured booth .

  3. On the toolbar, click the New Page button.

    A new blank page is added to your Quick Notes.

  4. Type Join ad pool for Sunday and weekly papers and radio spots .

  5. On the toolbar, click the Previous Page button.

  6. Press [ENTER], and type Sat 10am presentation slot .

  7. On the toolbar, click the Next Page button.

  8. In the upper-right corner of the Mini OneNote window, click the Close button.

    Mini OneNote closes .

  9. Click the Start button, point to All Programs , point to Microsoft Office , and then click Microsoft OneNote 2003 .

    OneNote 2003 opens, with a new section labeled Side Notes .

  10. On the File menu, click Open , browse to the  My Documents\Microsoft Press\Office 2003 SBS\Mini folder, click the Flower and Garden Show notebook, and click Open .

    The Flower and Garden Show section is displayed and added to the tabs at the top of the notebook.

    click to expand
  11. If the Side Notes tab is not already displayed, click it.

    OneNote displays the notes you took using Side Notes.

  12. In the Side Notes section, click the Get Featured tab.

  13. Select the text on the page, and on the Edit menu, click Cut .

  14. Click the Flower and Garden Show folder tab, right-click the blank area to the right of the notes about Booth and Presentation slot , and on the shortcut menu, click Paste.

    click to expand

CLOSE OneNote.

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