Chapter 29: Working with Notes


In this chapter you will learn to:

  • Use Quick Notes.

  • Mark notes with Note Flags.

  • Search notes.

  • Send notes in e-mail.

  • Create Outlook tasks from notes.

Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 makes the notes you take more useful by providing a number of ways to find them, mark them, and share them. With Quick Notes, you can jot down a great idea with minimal interruption to your current task. You can search your notes ”no matter how many pages or sections there are. You can share your notes with colleagues and team members through e-mail and even create tasks for yourself or others using Microsoft Outlook.

See Also  

Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Reference entries on pages xxxiii.


 On the CD    Before you can use the practice files in this chapter, you need to install them from the book s companion CD to their default location. See Using the Book s CD-ROM on page xxi for more information.

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